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  1. Whatever catches my eye. Nothing invasive of course, more of looking for LPS or sticks
  2. Bigp623

    Xenia rocks

    2 rubble rocks covered in xenia. Freebie, send me a PM
  3. Have a rock covered in Bling Bling cyphastrea. Looking to trade for ???
  4. Both rocks have been spoken for, but i also have a bunch of small rocks covered in xenia if anyone is interested in some
  5. Have 2 rocks I will be getting rid of when I break down my 30. $25 bucks each OBO Some of the coral shown will he fragged off the rock before sale, but both will have a ton of coral left on them. One will have a ton of green mushrooms, xenia, and what's left of the mint green pavona after I frag it out. Also will have the foot of the long tentacle toadstool that will regrow a new one. The second has a ton of green implosion palys, radioactive dragon eyes and some xenia. I'll also leave a red mushroom or 2 on that one. Both are packed with life such as brittle stars and pods Some things arent open all the way up as I just removed all rock to catch fish. But the rocks are usually fully taken up.
  6. Bigp623


    Im in Lacombe, will have some JF bling bling soon. Getting ready to frag up a whole rock of it
  7. Just be ready to do a series of good cleanings and water changes a few days apart once its gone. Ive used reef flux to battle algae in my 13.5 and it worked, but all that dying algae will spike nutrients. once u scrub that stuff from the water with carbon etc, it will come back with a vengeance without the nutrient issue under control.
  8. Is this still available?
  9. Interested as well, and Im not to far from you
  10. any live stock still available?
  11. Was a little late to the show but picked up some nice pieces from Glow Pop. Got a starburst monti, CB Bling bling, and JF deep space psammocora & yellow eye psammocora and a few colorful zoas. Also won a light in the raffle. Had a blast and met some good people. Didnt prepare the wallet this year, but next year I should be stocking my 120 and thats where its gonna happen.