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  1. Just be ready to do a series of good cleanings and water changes a few days apart once its gone. Ive used reef flux to battle algae in my 13.5 and it worked, but all that dying algae will spike nutrients. once u scrub that stuff from the water with carbon etc, it will come back with a vengeance without the nutrient issue under control.
  2. Is this still available?
  3. Interested as well, and Im not to far from you
  4. any live stock still available?
  5. Was a little late to the show but picked up some nice pieces from Glow Pop. Got a starburst monti, CB Bling bling, and JF deep space psammocora & yellow eye psammocora and a few colorful zoas. Also won a light in the raffle. Had a blast and met some good people. Didnt prepare the wallet this year, but next year I should be stocking my 120 and thats where its gonna happen.
  6. If he gave you the tank with water and all, you should be fine. Do you have test kits for the water? Also, GSP can be very invasive so make sure you have it contained to an island or wall.
  7. This was a few months ago. Things have changed a bit, like i rearranged some things and took out some of the skeletons I had in there to see if they were going to come back, just cleaned it up a bit.
  8. I also have the same tank. I built my scape like a large arch. 2 rock islands bridged by an arched piece of rock. Now that it is really covered in coral and coraline it looks really nice.
  9. I currently run a Zetlight UFO on my nano. Single chip array similar to Kessil. My coral do OK under it but if I try to turn it up any more (Im currently at 65% blue, 20% white, 10%red and 10% green) at the peak of the daily cycle I notice bleaching and some get very pissed. I have a 120 in the works and after doing much research have purchased a 4 bulb T5HO fixture and will supplement it with 2 reef brite strips or some DIY reefbrites, havent made up my mind yet. It seems that is the way to go other than T5 and halides.
  10. Bigp623

    Free gsp

    I live in Lacombe. Id love to get a chunk to cover my back wall. PM Sent
  11. Are you sure the whole thing took a dump on you? I purchased some used MP40s and they wouldnt start and had the blinking lights of death. turns out the wet sides were just locked up. Took them down and cleaned them up and now all is fine.
  12. Bigp623

    Fragniappe 2018

    Looking forward to attending, especially since its practically in my back yard.
  13. Is the rodi, t5s and MP40s still available?
  14. Also, is it the Tuna Sun or the Tuna Blue?