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  1. I just read through the entire thread from the initial home build. It's impressive the thought and work you've put into it. I may not be able to build a system like this, but it gives me ideas for my 120G. I got my tank from George and he really does nice work. It's nice to know that even experienced reefers with much larger systems than me run into problems. I've battled my share of issues over the last year and a half. I have had times I just want to quit. It's inspiring to see others go through adversities and keep pushing and thriving. The pictures and videos are awesome. Just a few thoughts: - If you get a cheap orange gel filter, your pictures will filter the blue and look even more amazing - did you purposely put the rocks in the center for swimming lanes? I'm used to smaller tanks and stacking against the back wall. - with your QT now hosting frags, how do you deal with fish that need medications, i.e. copper? - how much water change do you do and how often? I struggle with always having enough salt water on standby - any suggestions on getting the chaeto to grow better? I am using a 6500K CF from Lowes in my sump but it never seems to grow. Thanks and keep the pictures coming. I would love to see this tank in person some day and pick your brain for ideas. Keith Evans, Slidell
  2. Low Alk and PH

    Hey. I just got the new exact iDip test kit from MACNA and am checking my tank chemistry. I seem to be running low Alkalinity and PH and am not sure how to raise them. I have heard Kalkwasser would work but my Calcium levels are good. I don't want that to spike. I have decent airflow in the house and am running a carbon reactor, which I've heard can affect PH. I have heard about Baking Soda but would like some advice. I can add to my auto top-off if need be. The internet can be very confusing. I have a mixed reef tank with mostly soft and LPS corals. Thanks. Tank: 120G with 20G sump Ammonia / Nitrate: undetectable Calcium: 398ppm Phosphate: 0.04ppm Alkalinity: 6.95dKH Hardness: 356dGH PH: 7.6 Salinity: 1.026 Temp: 77 Magnesium: 1302ppm
  3. Parade of Tanks

    I'm up for this. My 120G in Slidell is early in its development but it would be fun to see others if this happens.
  4. Oct 7 meet at Coral Connection

    I'll be there. Always look forward to picking up new additions