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  1. Update, no longer available. I decided to just go ahead and give it away to a close friend. Thank you all for the interest.
  2. Price Reduced! - $400 for the same stuff listed in the initial post. Picture from today at 1:45pm
  3. All Livestock and Tank for $600 Located in Covington, LA Call/text to discuss: 337 - Two Nine Six - 1631 I'm a new member, long time lurker on Bayou Reef keeping. I have been notified that i will be relocated to Houston, TX from Covington, LA by the end of November 2017. Rather than move everything to Houston, i am going to just sell all the livestock and most of equipment. The tank has been up since August 2016 with gradual addition of fish and corals over time. I'm selling all Livestock, Live Rock, Live Sand, etc. Some equipment I plan to keep for a potential future tank in Houston. I'm willing to sell tank with all livestock or just all the livestock. I really prefer selling all livestock together was one due to short notice for relocation. For obvious reasons, I can't part out the setup unless all the livestock is gone. Tank/Setup for sale: 1 Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Nano 20 tank 1 Sicce Syncra 1.5 (357gph) pump 1 Innovative Marine 200gph pump (spare) 1 Innovative Marine Desktop Ghost Skimmer 2 Innovative Marine 200 Micron filter socks (desktop size) 1 IM Aquagadget Bedia Basket 1 IM Aquagadget Feeding ring 1 siphon for water changes 2 5-gallon buckets with screw on lids for water changes and more if you buy all the livestock and/or tank. 2ea. Innovative Marine Skkye LED (this is not the light i currently use on the tank Fish: 2 paired clowns, medium size 1 Purple Fire Fish medium plus 1 Sand Sifting Diamond Goby (Healthy and eating from broadcast feeding the tank.) 1 Assessors Basslet (yellow with blue/green head) CUC/Crustaceans: 1 Blue Leg Hermit Crab 1 Other Hermit Crab (red and brown legs) 1 Emerald Crab (Large) 1 Fire Shrimp 1 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp 2 Conches Too many corals for me to list here, many of them are grown onto the live rock. I prefer selling the hole rock rather than fragging. As a note, things I do not plan to sell unless the offer is attractive. I'm just adding it here so you know how i managed the tank: 1 130W Maxspect Razr LED 1 BRS water saver plus RO/DI unit (6 stage, 150GPD) 1 Apex Fusion Controller 2 BRS 1.1 mL/minute Dosing Pumps 1 Innovative Marine Hydrofill Ti Auto Top-off 1 2-gallon Auto Top-off Reservoir Red Sea Coral Pro Salt (half of a 5-gallon bucket free if you buy all livestock) misc. other testing and dosing equipment/consumables