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    Sharkys Reef in NOLA?

    Paladium was full of DB's. Senor Frogs was awesome. Getting back to the aquarium. That tiger shark was beautiful but pretty cooped up in there. The large nurse shark was called Mamoo and I think she was 9 feet? Plus 3 lemon sharks and if I remember correctly 5 other smaller nurse sharks. The tank also have 2 morays, a bunch of angels and some queen angels. Oh and at least two pretty big Groupers! The largest grouper (can't remember his name) had a habit of getting too close and sucking your mask off.
  2. Marianne G

    Sharkys Reef in NOLA?

    I used to be a mermaid in that tank when I was a teenager. A friend of mine, Alicia, and I used to promote a drink there called the topless mermaid but we weren't topless. It was just bikini tops and tails. Funny though because we had to go through the back entrance because we were not old enough at the time to go to the actual bar. Just under 18 at the time. We would swim around for about 20 minutes at a time and got paid $50 each to swim with the sharks and interact with the crowds. We also did this during the day when the restaurant was open and interact with the kids. Jack Dunn was a family friend of ours and a great guy! Dana used to DJ there and JP was the shark expert. p.s. Gators did rock lol. Does anyone remember Paladium?