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  1. 60 gallon cube for sale fully stocked $300

    Pm sent
  2. 60 gallon cube for sale fully stocked $300

    Let me know what you have left. I know you have moved some stuff out. I may be interested in it
  3. Blueberry Miyagi Tort $10/frag

    Do you have any of these left? If so I’m interested
  4. 90g Full set up Parted out, livestock SOLD

    I already have a system but I would be interested in some of the livestock if you decide to split up, if so please let me know
  5. Spring Cleaning Sale

    Interested in the 20g and maybe the phosban 550
  6. Homemade Frozen Foods

    I make my own for my predators and they love it. Same formula can be applied for smaller fish. It’s easy. 1 pound of shrimp 1 pint of oysters 1 fish fillet (I used black drum) 1 tbsp garlic guard/garlic extract/ etc 1 tsp selcon cut it, chop it, mash it, or purée to desired size/consistency then mix up you can also add clams, scallops, etc or substitute for oysters Add finely chopped or ground nori for a mixed food blend i bought a couple of ice cube trays from the dollar store. Figure out how much you need by feeding the prepared mixture (a teaspoon, a tablespoon, 2 tablespoons, etc) then spoon the amount into each of the little cube spots in the trays. Top with rodi water and freeze. When they are frozen you can place them in a ziploc or in a Tupperware to prevent your freezer smelling like a fish market
  7. Nano Cube

    That’s my dilemma. I’m in between running the Kessil or AI Prime with a small wavemaker or just running the current USA lights and wavemaker with loop controller
  8. Nano Cube

    It will be softies and lps. I may add a few easy sps way down the road like monti cap
  9. Nano Cube

    So i will be starting a 24 gallon jbj nanocube soon for my corals and a few small fish. my main tank will end up as a fowlr with a few predators for now. I picked the tank up for $50 without the hood. so i need some input/opinions. I will be running a magdrive 900 on the return. I will most likely add a protein skimmer down the road. what i need from y'all is as follows: 1) what should i run in each chamber? i was thinking filter floss in chamber 1 with a sponge on top unless there is a filter sock that could clip in. chamber 2 with marine pure spheres. and chemipure elite in chamber 3 with the pump and heater. 2)lighting and wavemaker- i was originally thinking a kessil a 80 tuna blue with a japao pp4, but now i am thinking about the loop system with 1 18" light and 1 660gph wavemaker.
  10. What Salt?

    Please let me know what you get
  11. What Salt?

    Good to know, that may be why I can’t get my mag levels to drop
  12. What Salt?

    I know I’m probably one of the newest reefers on this thread but I have tried coral pro and fritz so far. I love the fritz. Very consistent numbers. Getting about mid 9s on dkh when it is mixed. Mixes clear very quickly. I know I have talked to the owner at Aqua Hut in prairieville about this, they are getting the same numbers I am and they are getting it consistently too. Fritz is what they are using, and they carry it in boxes and bags at a good price. (Not trying to promoter anything, just sharing info). So I would give my newbie 1/2 a vote to the fritz salt
  13. live feeders baton rouge

    Hey everyone, I am looking at going with a few predators in my tank. what is the best place to get live feeder shrimp in the baton rouge area. I am going to try to get them on frozen but I want to know where to go if i need live. thanks in advance
  14. upgrade from 25 Gallon Hex to 180 gallon

    I am completely new to the hobby and started with a second hand tank so I feel your pain. If you ever need help moving any of it let me know ill help out if i can.
  15. Zoa frags

    I am looking to expand my coral collection. I am new but I want to add to my tank. I am look at a zoa pack from tidal gardens on sale right now. It’s 10 frags for $135 plus $40 shipping. So 10 for $175. Has anyone ordered from tidal gardens before? Do y’all think this is a good deal? Do any members have any zoa frags they are looking to part with, I am willing to buy local but I want to get a bunch of different kinds and colors, and everything I’ve seen locally is about 35-45 a frag. If anyone has any for sale send me a message with a price For different kinds.