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  1. Yea just didn’t know if it was the same pumps or a different one
  2. Aren’t these the ones they just had on sale for 75% off?
  3. I have some neon green rhodactis mushrooms. I have a few I can get you.
  4. Messaged you with some interest
  5. I have one of the 5 gallon jugs like in all of the stores for trade. I want one of the 2.5 gallon ones. Let me know if anyone has one and wants a bigger one. In Baton Rouge or Metairie area
  6. Is this still available?
  7. I am looking for a protein skimmer for a 40b with sump Roughly 55-60 gallons total. My HOB skimmer I had is no longer an option. Looking for an in sump skimmer only. Please let me know if yall have anything available in the Baton Rouge area
  8. FREE 75 gallon drilled with stand and canopy Im getting rid of my 75 gallon tank with stand and canopy. tank is drilled with corner overflow. Tank does have a couple of scratches and stand could use some paint. I am located near highland road Park in baton rouge. I am rinsing it out today and i will be putting it to the curb if nobody wants it. First come first serve. text me 504- four 9 one- 6575.
  9. Reef Jeeves

    LF 36" t5

    I am looking for a 36" t5 fixture for my 40B. looking for 4 or 6 bulb unit. please let me know if anyone has anything they are looking to sell
  10. Reef Jeeves


    Let me know what you have left. I know you have moved some stuff out. I may be interested in it
  11. Do you have any of these left? If so I’m interested
  12. I already have a system but I would be interested in some of the livestock if you decide to split up, if so please let me know