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  1. Anybody interested in a Bashsea Smart Series sump? 30”x18”x16”. In great condition. Red baffles. Just over 1 year old. $300 OBO. can send pictures upon request.
  2. Looking for a 36-48” t5 fixture to trade for 2 ocean revives, can add cash for the right deal.
  3. 1 mp40 for sale, 200. 1 WXM module for sale, 60. located in New Iberia. May be going to Houma tomorrow(12/23), if anyone from that way is interested
  4. It definitely does, but it’s reignited my interest inthe tank. Yeah the fish eye effect is the one thing I don’t care for with the TruVu lens. Here’s a couple pictures without.
  5. Had to restart the tank after some nuissance algae took over. Did a 3 week blackout along with dosing 100ml/day of peroxide. Here’s pictures 2 weeks since restarting the tank.
  6. DLatiolais6


    Sorry, just seeing this. I’m located in New Iberia
  7. DLatiolais6


    Sold one. One still available
  8. DLatiolais6


    May actually be going that way Friday.
  9. DLatiolais6


    Have an mp40 for sale. About a year old, no issues. 200 obo. will be available once my gyre arrives this week.
  10. Anybody have an icecap 3k or gyre they’re looking to sell or trade for a mp40
  11. here’s the sump that will come with the tank. However This is NOT the skimmer that comes with the tank.
  12. No, The rock has some aptasia on it so it will be going to my new tank as I don’t want to sell unclean rock. I don’t have any pictures of the sump but it’s a trigger systems crystal 30. I can PM you more info and pictures tomorrow if you’d like