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  1. DLatiolais6

    4’x2’x2’ 120 Gallon for sale

    Admin please close
  2. DLatiolais6

    4’x2’x2’ 120 Gallon for sale

    here’s the sump that will come with the tank. However This is NOT the skimmer that comes with the tank.
  3. DLatiolais6

    4’x2’x2’ 120 Gallon for sale

    No, The rock has some aptasia on it so it will be going to my new tank as I don’t want to sell unclean rock. I don’t have any pictures of the sump but it’s a trigger systems crystal 30. I can PM you more info and pictures tomorrow if you’d like
  4. DLatiolais6

    4’x2’x2’ 120 Gallon for sale

    Have a tank being built currently and need to get this one out of the house once it is here. 2 years old, minor chip on corner of glass that doesn’t effect the tank at all. Will send pictures on request. Tank, stand(could use some work), canopy, skimmer, plumbing, sand. Will throw in an extra all in one acrylic tank that’s around 40 gallons and 48” t5 light. $550 obo may also include sump.
  5. DLatiolais6

    150G, Stand, Canopy

    If you’re looking for a tank under 5ft I’ll be selling my 4’x2’x2’ 120 gallon in a few weeks once my new tank is built.
  6. DLatiolais6

    LF Apex classic

    Are you still looking for one?
  7. DLatiolais6

    Brand New IceCap Sump

    What’s the dimensions?
  8. DLatiolais6

    Looking for tank

    I have a 40 gallon all in one acrylic tank
  9. DLatiolais6

    Zoas, softies and sps frags $25

    Would you be interested in a 32” Mars Aqua Light?
  10. DLatiolais6

    40 breeder

    Is it still available?