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  1. Invariable, I always return to the bold color of the Yellow Tang and invariable I eliminate the use of decorative macro algae’s in my display. Considering that I operated a 10K gallon macro growout system in a 20’ by 40’ greenhouse, I like macro algae. I use it as a vegetable filter to feed my tanks but ornamental macros like Red Grapes and Dragon’s Tongue, Halymenia digitata, always have a place in my display tanks. Within the last ten days, I lost both established Tangs in my 75G Jaubert Plenum. Scopas Tang was killed by toxic reaction to ammonia, my bad. Three years ago, I retired a 150G tank which included Aquaclear 110. At that time, I cleaned out box interior, including sponge, I thought. To increase flow rate and provide for chemical filtration, if needed, I started up HOB. Within 60 seconds Scopas responded by erratic jerking and fast breathing. Within 10 minutes, Scopas was dead. No other fish or coral showed any negative response. Last night, Yellow Tang died with a belly full. So, I still like yellow. Perhaps Yellow Wrasse. lights just came on
  2. According to Russ Kronwetter, Red Grapes are collected between 60’-120’ of water. When I get it from Divers it is a dark maroon color. All to often, it is put under reef lighting conditions where it fades in color, loses its flotation berries and disappears. Red Grapes can grow in brighter light. I have had several tanks in which red grapes went sexual. The next year Red Grapes were coming up everywhere, including high light areas.
  3. Carbon dosing in reef terminology is “adding a carbon source and exporting nutrients with a protein skimmer”. “Carbon Fixation” is nature’s way to add a carbon source to grow everything on planet earth. Carbon Fixation is Dynamic Equilibrium between carbon dioxide gas in air and dissolved gas in water coupled with photosynthesis to produce glucose which is a “carbon source”.