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  1. Edit1: Added hinged tank cover 23x9 1/4 and coral pieces. Please see photo for miscellaneous items. Sundial fixture not working, Wavemaster is flaky. Marineland pump not sure. Mini heater good. Power center good. Chemical bottles full. Pellets new. Reactor never used. All items as is. $20 takes it all (please take it all ;)).
  2. Sundial T-5HO 24" $40 Phosban 550 with 1L TLF Carbon 45$ 1L BRS Biopellets 20$
  3. Biocube gone, everything else still available
  4. Getting out of the hobby, selling some tanks, lights, additives, and other gear. PM for any questions Biocube 14G with Biocube 250 Powerhead $50 Sold 20G High Royal Blue Back $10 MarineLand Penguin 150 $15 AquaClear Filter 70 $10 BRS Biopellets 1000ml $20 BRS Reactor Single $20 Red Sea WaveMaster Pro (missing button - see pic) $30 TLF HydroCarbon 1L (90% full) $10 PhosBan Reactor 550 $40 Hydor Koralia 4 $10 Hydor Koralia 240 or 425 (label missing) $10 Sundial T-5HO 24" (blue LEDs, 10mo bulbs) $40 Free with one of the above Kent Turbo-Calcium 200g API Eco-Calcium Marine 473ml Reef Solution Additive 236ml Reef Solution Additive 236ml LifeGuard temp alert Vibra Flo Battery Air Pump 3 Assorted air Pumps 4 Fan air cooler Hydor Pico 180
  5. I will be selling a 40 breeder, complete set up, turn key ready. You may like the footprint of a 40 breeder over a 30.
  6. Has anyone tried Berghia Nudi's to get rid of Aiptaisia? Does anyone sell these locally? Have tried peppermint shrimp- but they just seem to disappear, and the Aiptaisia are multiplying!!!
  7. Do you have a frag of the Ice Fire available?
  8. May be interested in the montis and stylophora, will you be home Saturday?
  9. Very healthy looking flowerpot and overall great lookin tank!
  10. Thanks for the info! If anyone has a frag just let me know!
  11. I"ll take your armageddon paly. What is in pic #2 and #3?
  12. The other day I got Blasterworm virus when I clicked on the "recently added posts" on the Portal page. the topic was on dipping softies and lps. Did this happen to anyone else?
  13. What is the secret to keeping them- any tips? Also is anyone fragging these for sale?
  14. Has anyone been successful keeping a Flower pot (goniopora)?