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  1. Shutting down my tank

    Dibs on the palys ? .
  2. April 2018 POTM Submission Thread (End Shots)

    I think I need some of that green monti lol JS .
  3. Leds

  4. Leds

    $100 .
  5. Id

    . Can someone ID the orange coral next to the frogspawn for me .
  6. Food

    What’s everyone’s favorite food? From fish to coral to anemones. I’m spot freeding my everything with hatchery dry diet food and reef roids. .
  7. 60 gallon cube for sale fully stocked $500

    Still have corals? .
  8. 60 gallon cube for sale fully stocked $500

    Where you at buddy .
  9. Fragniappe Haul

    my beauty .
  10. Live rock

    Anyone need live rock? Have a huge base rock and two other small pieces. .
  11. Sold

    I’m in for a piece! .
  12. Three months in

    Lol I wish it was but it’s 48’ long not sure the other dimensions but it’s definitely 50 gal. So another question what if I have two current leds would that give me a stronger par reading .
  13. Three months in

    It’s a temp gage that is broke, tank is 50 gal .
  14. Three months in

    Yea that’s what I plan on doing what about a clam would that suffice ? Or what about to current lights .