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  1. fish tanks for sale

    My bad yes you’re right its a 16 inch sb reef light extreme which is 250 new and the pump i believe is 100 dollars not to mention the sand and rocks.
  2. fish tanks for sale

    yeah here is the 29 gallon biocube it has an aquami power head as if you want you ca have thje rocks and water in it as well the head and fan have wifi so you can use your phone to control them
  3. fish tanks for sale

    I have a 29 gallon biocube with a changed filtration two powerheads one is aquami wifi pump that we won at macna, it also has an sb reef light 16 inch (extreme one ). it comes with rocks and sand and ill throw in some water. I won an acqua sole fish tank 70L or 55gallons https://aquariumstoredepot.com/products/coralvue-acquasole-aquariums?variant=16642358916 I was told that the 29 gallon would go for 500 Im asking 350 the acqua sole goes for 1600 (crazy i know right) im only asking 1000 but im willing to go lower text-601-807-9906 for pictures also if anyone knows an admin could you ask them to put it up on their face book page
  4. Fragniappe Haul

    I will if I end up keeps bf it but I may have to end up selling it
  5. Fragniappe Haul

    I won the 55 gallon acquasol tank