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  1. Is any equipment included like return pump, power heads, lights, etc?
  2. Well I thought the shrimp were leaving the hammer coral alone but apparently they were just being sneaky and eating it when I wasn’t looking. I put the hammer inside my fish net in an attempt to keep the shrimp away until I could move it to a friend’s tank and focus on catching the shrimp. Well apparently the hammer was the perfect bait because I was able to easily lift the net, with hammer and shrimp inside, out the tank and remove the shrimp. They were so focused on eating my hammer that they didn’t even notice they were being pulled out the water! I don’t know if one of the hammer heads is gonna make it but I have hope that the second head might recover.
  3. I just thought I’d share my experience with my new corals from LiveAquaria. I bought 3 corals, a double-headed hammer, a double-headed candy cane, and a Turbinaria heronensis. First, I’d like to say that all my corals came from the Wisconsin location, not Los Angeles, and all seemed good and healthy. I’ve read that some people have complaints about corals and fish out of the L.A. branch of LiveAquaria so I just wanted to let y’all know that I have no complaints about the quality of my corals nor the packaging and shipping. When I got them I acclimated and did a CoralRX dip. As soon as the candy cane coral went into the tank my 3 peppermint shrimp went into full attack mode! They were ravenous, fighting each other for their turn ripping this coral apart. I tried to scare them away but they kept coming back to it. I gave them pellets in an attempt to distract them from the candy cane but they ate the pellets and went right back to the coral. One shrimp wandered away from the candy cane and started exploring the hammer, but thankfully after a quick survey it left the hammer and I haven’t seen any of the shrimp bother the hammer or Turbiniaria. However after 3 days there was nothing left of the candy cane coral except skeleton. Needless to say the peppermint shrimp are being evicted. They took care of the aptasia I had but now they’ve got to go. So moral of the story is peppermint shrimp aren’t as reef safe as you might think or want, and I would be happy to order from LiveAquaria again in the future. Happy Reefing everyone!
  4. I’ve decided the goal for this tank will be clownfish so my plan is to get a couple corals that are known to be hosted by clownfish then pepper the rest of the tank with colorful corals. I’m thinking I’m gonna stick to soft corals and lps. I just got a toadstool leather and really want some hammer coral. After that it’ll probably just be zoas, mushrooms, and the like.
  5. Yes it came with water, just needed a little top off. I bought the api test kit for nitrite, nitrate, ammonia and ph. Only reading of concern is ammonia, which is 0.25-0.5. I did a little rock rearranging 2 days ago to make an island for the gsp so I’m guessing this reading is from disturbing the deep sand bed. I also scraped a lot of coraline algae off the acrylic but I don’t know if that would affect ammonia. I’ll do a water change tonight.
  6. I’m new to this hobby but am already obsessed! My friend has been into coral farming for years and loaned me his 14g biocube already set up with live rock, lights, and filtration so I can try things out without coming out of pocket too much. I’m super appreciative but worry I skipped a valuable lesson in patience. I’ve had the tank for a month now and only have a small frag of gsp but can’t wait to add more!