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  1. Just joined the forum and wanted to showcase some of my previous DIY projects. The first set of pictures is my Fluval Evo 13.5 mods. I turned the first chamber into a refugium with a 3d printed filter pad holder and diy 90° panel grow light. I also made a ATO Res out of an old computer case and that also houses my temp controller and power meter for the system. The ATO system is a series loop of a ATO Low level float, an emergency float that is flushed with freshwater during topoff by a diy float shower I came up with, and a normal working float. These are fed into a 3dprinter hotbed mosfet to power a 12vdc pump in the res. The second set of pics is my diy 100watt led project. I ordered a custom 100watt led cob from China, mounted it to a CPU heatsink and powered it though a current regulated power supply. This will be suplimenting a 165watt black box on my 40gallon breeder with a 29 gallon sump that is in the works. The system runs at 31vdc and is pulling about 3.33amps once warmed up. The third and final set is my 135 gallon fw system with a 20 gallon sump. It houses two +16" common plecos, one 7" common Pleco, and 3 Oscars. The only way I can keep this tank clean is my return pump is a dct6000 running wide open at 1800gph through 1" Hardline. I also modified an old seaclone 150 protien skimmer with extra air so that even in freshwater I get enough of a foam to wet skim off some of the organics. Skimmate is clear/brown and a syrupy consistency. Oh, and this tank is outside with morning and evening direct sunlight so to make sure I have no issues with algae, I have a fw refugium lit constantly with a 50 watt LED grow panel and a 50watt 7,000k water-cooled led. The water-cooled led really makes the hairalgae explode in the refugium area and my tank stays spotless. The water cooling for the led is a 12vdc pump (same one I use for my ATO system ) and a computer water cooling radiator and res. Keeps it nice and cool. I also attached some pictures of my Custom Controller.This will also be for the 40b. Arduino controlled. 16- 800watt software assignable relays, 11 of which are outlets that can be independently turned off or on,1-2000watt Solid State Relay connected to the 12th outlet, 5 temp probs, 2 flow sensors, 5 float switches with 3 ultrasonic range finders that will give me precise levels in my sump, ATO Res, and tank. Indicator lights, a screen, oh and I tapped into Chinese black box lights and can control intensity and on\off state from my software. All for only about $100. LolAny questions please feel free to post here. Any odd ideas you would like me to try on either tank or the new 40b, I'd be happy to be your tester!