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  1. I’d take 600 and yes it fits a 4 foot tank. .
  2. 130 gallons, the tube itself is second hand and no more than 4 years old in great condition. The ballast and bulb are 4 months old. .
  3. Items include: Apex Base Unit (Classic) 2 - Energy Bar 8 Apex Display Module 2 - Long-life Temperature Probe Lab Grade pH Probe (capped in PH 4.0 cal. Fluid as recommended in Apex manual) Lab Grade ORP Probe (capped in PH 4.0 cal. Fluid as recommended in Apex manual) PM2 – Salinity Module Lab Grade Conductivity (Salinity) Probe I/O Breakout Box Magnetic Probe Rack AFS Automatic Feeding System FMK Flow Monitoring Kit (NO unions or adapters) 2 – 1” FS-100 Flow Sensors (NO unions) Jebao to Apex Adapter Items to be sold in ONE bundle.. $775 .
  4. Planet Aquariums Reef Ready Tank in excellent condition. Built the stand and canopy myself, both of which are in excellent condition. Sump included. .
  5. Purchased new in 04/2016. Chiller was used on a 90 gallon system and has never been over worked. Runs excellent, never any issues with the digital controller or the temperature probe. Still have the three sets of hose connectors. Only thing is about a half inch of the nipple broke off one of the 3/4” connectors but still enough for a hose clamp to cinch down on. FYI..I did away with the hose connectors and hard plumbed the unit w/ 3/4” pvc into the system. Two 1/2” unions (only “FLO” brand fits) w/ 3/4-1/2 reducers were used and threaded them on the in / out nipples on the chiller. .
  6. SOLD / Lights were purchased new in 05/2016. Both are in excellent condition / work like the day they were originally unboxed. To be sold as a pair, along with the 18in rail system & hanging kit. .