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  1. Give me a shout on my cell when you see this if it still available in case I don't log back on for a bit. I'm very interested and would like to see maybe a couple of more photographs of it drained. I've also bought from another member on here if you would like a reference. 337-263-0438 is my cell.
  2. also if you sell frags I'd be very interested!
  3. whoa that's an awesome tank! Where do you frag shop?
  4. You'll likely notice a missing green montipora in one of the shots (current FTS). I actually had some pests ride in on that one (Monti eating Nudis) and had to ditch it. I'm currently going montipora less for a while until they starve out.
  5. I've been a member on Nano Reef for a couple months and have a tank journal there but I wanted something more local and a place to possibly buy sweet frags from other members that won't have to be shipped. I was born and raised in Lake Charles. This is my second saltwater tank but the first one I had when I was younger and not taking proper care of it made it an eyesore. My current setup is as follows.....I.M Nuvo 10 AIO, I.M Glass ATO resivour, Cobalt heater, Tunze ATO, Kessil A160, Kessil spectral controller, Sicce silent 0.5 pump, Vortech MP10QD, Chill Solutions Chiller and an Apex Classic with temp and pH probe. I use the BRS 4 stage RO/DI and Red Sea blue bucket salt. Right now the tank is only two months old and very lightly stocked. I figure that introduction will do and I'll probably start a smaller journal on here for pic dumps and light updates