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  1. 60 gallon cube for sale fully stocked $275

    Maybe you have forgoten. I've been waiting to hear from you..................what do you have left. And when can I come get it.
  2. Few thing for sale SOLD

    Can I see the rock with the zoas?
  3. Looking to buy clownfish and anemone

    Dang. Nope, I'm in mandeville or east la, that's a bit farther of a drive than I like to take at this time. But will keep it in mind if I don't hear of anything in the next couple weeks. Thank you very much.
  4. Promised my kids nemo. I was scheduled to pick some up, and seller backed out. And every day for the past week they ask where it's at. With sad little faces I keep saying one day. So I'm in the hunt now. A pair would be great, even better if being hosted by a anemone. Nothing fancy, just happy fish for a happy tank, perfect receipe for a happy family. Thanks.
  5. 90 gal rimless glass cage for sale + equipment

    Still have any livestock? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  6. Live rock for sale $2.00 #

    Sent u a text
  7. Sold

    Interested. I texted you. Thanks