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  1. Jpetrosky


    I wanna thank rob for an awesome donation back to the community. The box of salt was perfect in Every way. When you need help getting your big tank back up let me know. Thanks.
  2. Jpetrosky


    Call in the morning?
  3. Considering it is a grab bag and your in Walker? $50
  4. Jpetrosky

    240 gallon

    Interested in more photos, especially on the plumbing part.
  5. Jpetrosky


    Awesome. I'm glad you sold your system
  6. Jpetrosky

    MP10, LEDs, etc.. prices updated.

    Great communication and great prices.
  7. Jpetrosky

    ISO Frag System

  8. Jpetrosky

    ISO Frag System

    Coral connection on the southshore looks like they are selling some of their older equipment. Tanks and what not
  9. Jpetrosky


    Maybe you have forgoten. I've been waiting to hear from you..................what do you have left. And when can I come get it.
  10. Jpetrosky

    Few thing for sale SOLD

    Can I see the rock with the zoas?
  11. Jpetrosky


    Dang. Nope, I'm in mandeville or east la, that's a bit farther of a drive than I like to take at this time. But will keep it in mind if I don't hear of anything in the next couple weeks. Thank you very much.
  12. Jpetrosky


    Found one in pearl river. Thanks everyone
  13. Jpetrosky

    90 gal rimless glass cage for sale + equipment

    Still have any livestock? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  14. Jpetrosky

    Live rock for sale $2.00 #

    Sent u a text
  15. Jpetrosky


    Interested. I texted you. Thanks