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  1. RBTA and large zoa rock sold. All else still available.
  2. Are you willing to sell one of the kessil 360s?
  3. I’m located in prairieville and have some Cheto. It’s usually loaded with amphipods.l when I cull it.
  4. I’ll be driving though your area tomorrow late afternoon early evening. Will you be around?
  5. Update: cabbages are gone but I can make more if you are interested. Have a rose bubble tip. Have some blue mushrooms now. Prices and pics below. Rose Bubble Tip - $50 (about 6 inches across central disk when fully inflated) Superman and Blue Musrooms - $30 each green Star poly - small $5 large $10 red people eater zoas - $20 small zoa rock $10 large zoa rock $35
  6. I have some frags I am trying to offload as my tank is starting to get crowded. Open to cash offers or trades. I have some green star polyp, cabbage leather, a Superman mushroom, and some red people eater zoa’s. Pics below. I am located in Prairieville.