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  1. skydirt

    New leopard wrasse

    My tank is 120g. Like I said, he's been doing great in there. He was one of the most active and ate really well. Plenty of pods, mysis and pellets. He would even peck at nori with my tangs. It was all of the sudden it's like his back half can barely move and has a bend in it. Four days now and no visible signs of disease or wounds. But he's still kicking Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk
  2. skydirt

    New leopard wrasse

    this is a bit off topic but i have a leopard wrasse for about a yr now and he has had no issues at all. He ate great and was very active. I came home yesterday and he was acting funny, like he couldn't swim very well. His front fins worked fine but its like he couldn't move from the middle back to his tail. I could not find any wounds or see any spots or any sign of apparent disease. Maybe a hump in his side like broke or injured his spine. I am clueless as to what is wrong with him. Could he have hit a rock with enough force to mess up his spine? i know he buries at night and does it really fast
  3. skydirt

    Rose bubble tips.

    thats fine with me. Sun works
  4. skydirt

    Rose bubble tips.

    that looks good. I work in challmette , you think there is any way we could meet up there sometime after work ? I work until 3:30 or so everyday including the weekend
  5. skydirt

    Frags for trade or sale

    i'm interested in the RBTA. I'm in slidell but if your planning to go to Fraginappe i'll be there or i'll be at the sportsman show in Gonzales the following weekend
  6. skydirt

    Rose bubble tips.

    i am interested in a large, any pics
  7. skydirt

    70G Shallow Setup

    I have a fairly new fluval 13.5 I would be happy to trade. I set it up for less than a month for three clowns until I got them in bigger tank Sent from my SM-G955U1 using Tapatalk