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  1. KnockOut Corals will be open for walk-in sales from 11/30 to 12/8 On Saturday 11/30 (11am to 6pm) and on Sunday 12/01 from (11am to 4pm) KOC will be giving out a door prize frag on the hour, every hour. We will be making available limited frags of the many dozens of Zoanthids that have been in grow out for the past 6 months along with a large assortment of LPS and SPS.
  2. All of my remaining torches will be brought over to KnockOut Corals / Coral Connection this coming weekend. KOC will be open for walk in sales for one week starting 11/30 to 12/7 Brian. If you want another one I’ll hold one on the side for you.
  3. My pleasure. Anyone else who is looking for torches. This is a good chance to get you hands on one. I am out of town until next Saturday but after the 11/30 we can arrange pick ups
  4. Sorry. Have not been on in a few days. Yes I still have plenty, about 16 remaining out of the 46 original colonies For those of you asking where I live, I am in Lakeview NOLA please call or PM for address, I will respond much quicker to a phone call or text. 504-810-3768 if anyone is interested in getting one of these it would be best to do so before Friday as I will be leaving on a 10 day vacation. Some WYSIWYG colonies and frags note even my Frags are quite large, no small buns here. 1. Photo #1, Colony #1. About 12 to 15 heads and 3” diameter or more $150 2. Photo #2, Frags #1 (Top) $40 Frag #2 (Bottom). $30 3. Photo #3, Frag #3, $35 4. Photo #4, Colony #2, Large (About or more than 20 heads). $160 5. Photo #5, Frag #4 (Large on a 2x2 tile) about 6 to 7 heads $45 6. Photo #6, Colony #3, (Large 4.5”x3.5” or larger, 20 plus heads). $160 7. Photo #7, Frag #5, $35 8. Photo #8, Frag #6, $40 9. Photo #9, Frag #7, $45 10. Photo #10, Frag #8, (Large Frag 2x2 Tile, 6 to 7 heads). $50 11. Photo #11, Colony #4. Large colony. +16 heads, perfectly round 4”. $150 12. Photo #12, Colony #5. XL. 5 to 6” round. Lots of heads +20. $185 13. Photo #13, Colony #6. XL. 4.5” Round. $160
  5. Hey Guys and Gals. I have a huge batch of Western Australian Torches that need to move. dozens of frags from 1 to 6 heads and many colonies from baseball size to large cabbages WYSIWYG items have been updated below.
  6. i just broke down this 100 gallon San out that has been in my kids play room for the past 6 months. the sand was natural gathered in the Florida Keys, very white, clean and good weight. it’s currently live but will not be for much longer. Due to the fact that I just removed it from the system. i will sell for $0.40 per pound, estimated about 700 pounds available. About (10) 5 gallon buckets
  7. Put me on the list for a Pink Cadillac. also I’d like to get the (3) polyps of Money Shot Palys
  8. Beautiful colony you have going there, the perfect blend of the two colors at the top.
  9. Hello Reefers Out of the blue a social event has formed involving 12 to 15 local hobbyist’s so I figured I’d send an invite to the BRK community. Sunday 10/6 from 8 to 10:30 my doors will be open to anyone. I have a Pork Butt slow cooking since 5pm tonight and will have Jambalaya and Jalapeño Shrimp poppers. mimosas, daiquiri and beer will be on hand, I know it is early but Mimosas do have Orange Juice. I have a lot of really good priced frags that will be available. dozens of Acan Frags - $6 Dozens of assorted Zoanthids Frags - $15 or buy 3 get 1 free Duncan Frags -$10 candy cane $5 per head Yuma’s multiple colors. $20 sizable Gonipora Frags pink / Green / Teal torch / hammers and Octo spawns red and purple Cap - $10 named Zoanthids Utter Chaos, Nirvana, Purple Monsters, Pandora’s, Sunny D’s, JF Cry Baby, Orange Bam Bams, and more. Text me for address or photos 504-810-3768
  10. If available I would like to come by and purchase this piece!
  11. It only took a couple of hours, this pump has been claimed no longer available.
  12. Hello BRK Getting close to getting water back into my 400 show tank. The past 4 years I've just had a 60 Gallon shallow frag tank while collecting some real nice gems at events like Fragniappe and MACNA's My photo capabilities are restricted to an I-Phone so don't critique the photo quality to hard.