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  1. What’s the dimensions and is it drilled?
  2. I’m able to keep like the simple sps like sponges and birdsnest. But can’t for the life of me seeem to keep digis and Millie’s alive for long and if they do stay alive they don’t really grow and the polyps stay retracted. Now my lps and softies grow very quickly
  3. I wish I had clean enough water to support this coral cause that looks awesome
  4. Pitts337

    Par meter

    No apex yet that’s my next purchase And I’m located in Opelousas but will travel
  5. Pitts337

    Par meter

    im in the market in the next week or so to rent a par meter and was seeing if anyone wanted to go in half’s on the deposit and the rental fee to get one for a week I would just need it for a day or 2 to get my readings when I install my t5 retrofit kit and once done we do get the deposit back I live in Opelousas and willing to travel a little to help out a fellow reefer that could use it also Deposit ranges from 400-500 and rental fee ranges from 30-70 depending on company and time rented OR if someone has their own personal par meter that would be willing to come over and let me use it I’ll pay gas and a few dollars to rent it for an afternoon
  6. Anyone have any for trade or sell
  7. Pitts337


    I’m posting to see if anyone would like to trade I have a few in h sailfin tang that’s starting to get a little big not for the tank but the rock work he likes to zig zag through I’m either looking for a much smaller sailfin or another smaller tang or peaceful fish if not I know I can go trade him back in and get something else but just putting feelers out billy bob eats anything you put in the tank any frozen food pellets nori and so far he hasn’t eaten any coral that I’m aware of other fish in that tank include clown,fire goby,watchman,tail spot, and a lawnmower blenny im in opelousas
  8. How much for a torch head and also a couple hammer frags and the flowerpot?
  9. Pitts337

    Hanna checker

    I am in the market for an alk Hanna checker if someone has a used one they wanna part with
  10. Pitts337

    Biocube 32

    Sold please close