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  1. Pitts337


    I’m posting to see if anyone would like to trade I have a few in h sailfin tang that’s starting to get a little big not for the tank but the rock work he likes to zig zag through I’m either looking for a much smaller sailfin or another smaller tang or peaceful fish if not I know I can go trade him back in and get something else but just putting feelers out billy bob eats anything you put in the tank any frozen food pellets nori and so far he hasn’t eaten any coral that I’m aware of other fish in that tank include clown,fire goby,watchman,tail spot, and a lawnmower blenny im in opelousas
  2. Pitts337

    180g Tank for Sale

    How much for a torch head and also a couple hammer frags and the flowerpot?
  3. Pitts337

    Hanna checker

    I am in the market for an alk Hanna checker if someone has a used one they wanna part with
  4. Pitts337

    Biocube 32

    Sold please close
  5. Pitts337

    Sand sifter goby

    I got a new tank and the goby is great at what he does but he is causing my zoas and other lps to stay closed from the covering of sand and dust he is about 2-2.5 inches long I’ll get some pics tonight I’ll trade for another peaceful fish or some zoas or lps coral. If no one wants him by this weekend ima try to catch him and trade him in at the lfs
  6. Pitts337

    Biocube 32

    Yes tank is till available if interested
  7. Pitts337

    Biocube 32

    Let me see if the tank I wanted is still available if it is then yes I’ll sell it
  8. Pitts337

    Biocube 32

    I’m looking to sell my bio cube 32 ready to go comes with ai prime intank media box and refuge bin with light and timer heater stand korilia 425 and wp10 power heads and with the fish if wanted and maybe some of the coral I found a 40b setup I want and the wife says I can’t have 3 tanks so this one has to go before using new one. 325 obo in Opelousas
  9. Pitts337

    40g Breeder (center overflow )

    I sent you a pm
  10. Pitts337

    Complete 90 gal Tank Setup forsale

    Worth a shot is this still for sale?
  11. Pitts337

    70G Shallow Setup

    What all I would need to complete the setup?? Just lights?
  12. Pitts337

    40g Breeder (center overflow )

    Still have this??
  13. Pitts337

    4’x2’x2’ 120 Gallon for sale

    Any live rock come with it?? Also any pics of the sump
  14. Pitts337

    Sold. Candy cane colonies

    Still available??