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  1. You can have it I didn’t realize I needed to get an extra pump for it so I’ll get a different one else where
  2. I was supposed to be going Sunday after church to pick it up but if u make it there before me have at it
  3. I have a couple hammer frags and frogspawn frags galexeria frag ill send a few pics tonight
  4. What u looking to trade for?? I would defiantly buy a chunk from you
  5. I have a few acan frag/colonies and a couple zoas and easy sps frags available I’m in Opelousas if you ever in the area
  6. Pitts337

    Looking to trade

    What kinda coral you looking for?
  7. Pitts337

    6.7 nano

    Tank rock sand return pump brand new never used par 38 tuna bulb and goose neck
  8. Pitts337

    6.7 nano

    I’ll get some of each one when I get home this afternoon and the 3.7 is 50obo
  9. Do you still have the ato??
  10. Pitts337

    6.7 nano

    Bump also have a complete 3.2 nano for sale/trade also
  11. I have a 3.2 and a 6.7 for sale both are complete setups
  12. Pitts337


    Message me when u do I’ll take a frag
  13. Pitts337

    6.7 nano

    looking to possibly sell my 6.7 nano tank complete setup for $190 obo comes with Asti led light with remote New 265 gph return pump Heater Has new sand Live rock Small clown fish and watchman goby/ red striped pistol shrimp Zoa colony, acans, favia,hammers,frogspawn, I’m keeping the torch’s or I might frag a head of it I’ll get some better pics when I get home
  14. Pitts337


    Anyone have any frags of cyphastrea around laf area or a lil further they wanna sell or trade I already have meteor shower nuclear circus looking for greens or purples pink reds any cool colors
  15. What size all in one you looking for?? Does it come with any rock??
  16. Pitts337

    3.7 nano

    After careful consideration and my wallet telling me otherwise. I think ima have to part with my 3.7 gallon nano cause 4 tanks is really gunna be to much for me to handle at one time... so I’m looking to trade it for a torch I can add a little money if needed and the torch is nice enough or some zoas or any cool lps And 50$ if I have to put a price The kktank was given to me by Ricky mostly looking to get back a little on the equipment I recently got for it 3.7 gallon imaginarium tank Par38 tuna blue light and mount both brand new Comes with a aqueon return pump I think it’s a 140 or 180 and I just got in yesterday I as gunna put a 265gph pump it’s a little big for the section in the back so might have to move one of the sections in the back over a little bit to give enough flow for it New sand and the rock originally came with it
  17. Does anyone have an account with this company or would be willing to open one up and would give a few polyps if these zoas for doing so
  18. What’s the dimensions and is it drilled?
  19. I’m able to keep like the simple sps like sponges and birdsnest. But can’t for the life of me seeem to keep digis and Millie’s alive for long and if they do stay alive they don’t really grow and the polyps stay retracted. Now my lps and softies grow very quickly