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    Would u be a available tom
  2. Pitts337


    Scopus and twirlers still available?
  3. Pitts337

    6.7 nano

    The 6.7 is but only thing in it right now is the sand and rock I took live stock out. But can give a few frags with it
  4. It’s growing everywhere and I’m cutting a lot out of anyone is interested $20 very big pieces
  5. I’m very interested what’s price per head
  6. Know what day you’ll be coming this way with the rfa’s??
  7. I definitely like a frag when u come this way again
  8. I have plenty of gsp and Xenia but I’m in Opelousas if you wanna travel this way I’ll hook up with great prices I’m about to swap over tanks and needa cut a lot out
  9. I’ll take 10 my number is+13372123438 when you get ready to come this way
  10. You can have it I didn’t realize I needed to get an extra pump for it so I’ll get a different one else where
  11. I was supposed to be going Sunday after church to pick it up but if u make it there before me have at it
  12. I have a couple hammer frags and frogspawn frags galexeria frag ill send a few pics tonight
  13. What u looking to trade for?? I would defiantly buy a chunk from you
  14. I have a few acan frag/colonies and a couple zoas and easy sps frags available I’m in Opelousas if you ever in the area
  15. Pitts337

    Looking to trade

    What kinda coral you looking for?
  16. Pitts337

    6.7 nano

    Tank rock sand return pump brand new never used par 38 tuna bulb and goose neck
  17. Pitts337

    6.7 nano

    I’ll get some of each one when I get home this afternoon and the 3.7 is 50obo