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  1. It is 10 months old, please find below a review video and the tank pictures .
  2. 50g rimless all in one tank come with stand, lights & return pump 250$. Baton rouge .
  3. Finnex LED/T5 54” light fixture . It takes 6bulbs. It has worhorse7 that controls 4 lights and workhorse5 that controls 2 lights. Has Blue LED’s and Fan controller. Ballasts are year old and T5 are completely new bought during Thanks giving and are running for few days. Trying to go a different route. T5 lights are 30days old and ballast are 1yr old. .
  4. surya7$

    Vlamingi 10-12” for sale

    Sold .
  5. surya7$

    Vlamingi 10-12” for sale

    2253663190 .
  6. surya7$

    Vlamingi 10-12” for sale

    Baton Rouge .
  7. surya7$

    Vlamingi 10-12” for sale

    Looking for 200 obo .