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  1. Let me know what you have especially if your close to Baton Rouge
  2. $15 a frag or trade located in Prairieville LA Pics of frags under blues and whites with mother
  3. Top notch seller! Awesome to buy from great transaction! Tank is beautiful with no pest everything is alive and well. Will be buying again!
  4. Hey bud, if you send me your number i will be making a trip to lake charles next week on Thursday. I will stop by.
  5. 32 gal bowfront with lid and HOP overflow 1 radion XR 30 gen 2 with mount - 250 2 mp 10s - 150 ea or 275 for pair -heater -return pump -rodi -trash can for water -ATO -skimmer -sump -fan -aqua lifter pump Everything you need $650 if you take everything
  6. Make me an offer. Must take the BTA that host the clowns.
  7. Selling my 36 gallon bow front. This tank has been nothing but awesome. Will come with the following. All you have to do is come tear it down. Asking $350 OBRO. Text 225-450-5070. Not looking to part out. Has a CUC does need some GHA removal but not bad. The green BTA does host the clowns. -Light -2 Power heads -Skimmer -ATO -Carbon Reactor -Tank -Stand -HOB Overflow -Sump -Return Pump -2 PJ Cardinals -2 Clowns -1 Banggai Cardinal -1 Sand Sifting Starfish -2 Small RBTAs 1 Large Green BTA -Live Rock -RODI unit -Trash Can for water