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  1. jelfonso19

    New leopard wrasse

    He looks splendid. I wonder how's he doing recently.
  2. jelfonso19

    New Member First Time Reef Keeper

    Nice start. I'm excited to see your updates.
  3. jelfonso19

    Hermet Crab on Steroids

    That's insane but satisfying to look at.
  4. jelfonso19

    Forums vs Social Media

    I don't use Facebook and Instagram because it promotes toxic culture and unhealthy expectations about one's lifestyle.
  5. jelfonso19

    Post your eclipse photos

    Nope. I think I missed that one.
  6. jelfonso19

    Mantis shrimp hunting hermit crab

    That's amazing! So happy you were able to capture it.
  7. jelfonso19

    And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    I look forward to seeing the replacement. I too hope it's in good shape. Update us!
  8. jelfonso19

    90 AIO

    Impressive tank!
  9. jelfonso19

    And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    YR Pastel Shortcake is my new favorite. Kinda sad that it's a lost order though.