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  1. The frag tank deserves a cocktail every now and then... (benepets and coral frenzy) Things are doing ok, not great. Lost several frags over the last month or two, but I’m guessing it’s the shocks of a new system. I’m pretty sure I’m running way less nutrients than what was in the 40. My Hanna checker died so I haven’t been able to test PO4 but I can’t get detectable levels of NO3 to save my life! I’m tossing around the idea of dosing nitrate in hopes that the colors bounce back on some of corals.
  2. Not the best pic, but here's the current scape on the 75... Not sure how I feel about it. It may just take some time for it to grow on me... It's just so different from what my 40B looked like. The 40 for reference:
  3. Brutally busy day, but everything has been transferred to the shack!!!
  4. Not your typical Louisiana weather... it’s nice and toasty in the shack though.
  5. Drained the 75 and added sand and a partial scape with the new rock was done this afternoon. The rock in my 40B is nearly 2 years old and will be used on the right side. Of course we all know things are subject to change when I actually transfer everything. I’m going to do my best to match water parameters with the old system and with a little luck I might get the tank transferred this weekend. Excited and super nervous.
  6. Frag tank is ready for some frags!
  7. I got up early this morning, let the dogs out before the rain got here, and checked on the shack since I was already outside. Good thing too, because apparently I forgot to turn my water off last night. RODI unit ran for a full 10 hours filling my 32g brute within a .25 inch of the rim!!! I got lucky this time. I'll be ordering a shutoff float valve today! But on a positive note, I'm fairly certain the rating on my 75 gpd RODI unit is just about spot on.
  8. It’s gettin salty up in here...
  9. Well the shack is running about 80% humidity right now so I have to do something. Louisiana winters are a wet mess and the rain and tanks are giving me fits. It’s too cold to run ac and opening the window doesn’t do much when it’s misting or raining a few days a weeks. That said I’m borrowing a 70 pint dehumidifier to see how it works. So far it’s working like a champ. In exactly 20 minutes it dropped the RH from 80% to 52% (per hygrometer) and only raised the temperature by 2 degrees... there’s a different % of RH on the dehumidifier vs the hygrometer at the 20 minuete endpoint but this was only round one of testing. As long as it’s truly under 60% I’ll be happy.
  10. Had a few plumbing issues to work out, cracked bulkhead nut being the biggest, but got everything water tight. Drained the tap water and started the long process of filling the tanks with RODI.
  11. Sorry... I'm seeing them all and I've added them all the same way. Edit: Can see them on my computer, but not on my phone... not sure what would be the issue, but I'll see if I can't get it fixed.
  12. Very much so... that's all coming later as I copy over more from R2R. Needless to say a 70 pint dehumidifier is a MUST.
  13. Yesterday was a whirlwind of plumbing. It looks like a tornado hit but the tanks are plumbed. Only one issue/leak to contend with. Pro tip: make sure you double check all your bulkheads have a gasket in place ;Facepalm. Fixed the issue and it ran overnight without any leaks. Flow has been tuned and it’s pretty quiet, only hear a little trickle from the eshopps overflow on the lowboy. Considering this is my first go at plumbing I’m pretty happy with the results. I definitely learned a lot in the process. The one thing I don’t like is the waterline in the frag tank. The eshopps is literally as high as it can go but the water still sits 1-1.25” below the trim... even with the return pump on full blast. At this point I think I’m going to wrap some black duct tape around the outside of the tank to hide the water. Now to make a ton of rodi...
  14. Greg, here's where that layout change comes into play... Went to drill the other 75 and all was going well... till it wasn't. BOOM