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  1. Spent the weekend digging the trenches for the water and drain lines. I’m officially tied in and have water readily available. Now just to mount my rodi unit!
  2. Well... figured out my door isn’t very insulated. Ran the heat and got it up to 70 and turned it off. This morning when I got up it was 45 outside and 47 in the shack. I know there’s no air getting in because I ran about 5 tubes of caulk sealing it up nice andtight. Nothing a little Ingenuity and foam boardinsulation can’t cure.... 1” thick R5 should help agood bit.
  3. Baseboards installed and sink is in place... nearly ready to move in! Maybe I can transition to building tanks soon!
  4. It's been your typical Louisiana weather for this time of year... either raining, or hot and super humid, or just too cold to paint. I've finally gotten all the interior trim painted and installed some blinds in the window. I also got all the exterior trim and siding painted. It's not a drastic color change from the primer that comes on the siding when you buy it, but I had left over house paint. My shack now matches the house and that makes the wife happy! Next items on the list: • Tie into the water line I ran for my garden and then run a drain line. Luckily everything I need to tie into is only buried a few feet away. • Install/finish flooring • Clean the metal roofing and trim (covered in sap and algae from being under pecan trees for years, much like the front door was) • Drag a box blade to level up the ground in front of the shack. • Build a small porch probably 3x5 • Plant some rye grass till I can get some sod in the spring (it'll bring the deer in too :))
  5. Got the trim done. Still needs a finish coat of paint and need to do some touch up painting then I can move on to flooring. I might get tanks in here by Christmas! LOL.
  6. Moving right along. Got a couple coats of primer and paint slapped on this weekend. Installed the new lights and added all the outlet covers. Need to trim out the window, door, and AC. Need "crown" molding (probably just rip down a 1x4 to about 2 inches). Then I have to add flooring and baseboards. I also have to run the plumbing for the sink. Sheesh... and I thought the list was shrinking. Maybe I'll be able to get some corals in this thing by the end of the year LOL.
  7. This was the original concept... it's changed a bit along the way.
  8. In a way... The floor joists are 2x4s spaced on 2' centers. I added 4x4s ever 4' only because I had them on hand, and the entire length of the building is also on 4x6 skids inset 2'. so that I can move the building later on down the road. I could probably park a truck on the subfloor without a problem.
  9. If any of you have never hung and floated drywall... it's worth paying someone to do it!!! I haven't done it since I worked construction with my dad many moons ago. Hated it then, and hate it now, but the wife has me on a budget. Hanging it isn't the bad part really, but the floating and sanding, and sanding, and sanding, and sanding... SUCKS! Bonus: I was cleaning the gutters out this weekend and managed to get a bird's eye view of the shack.
  10. I wish the work put into this thing went as fast as this thread... LOL Exterior trim (yes I need another piece under the window). Stripping for Drywall. Electrical rough in and insulation.
  11. I've spent several weeks in the LA heat after work and on weekends, but I've made some progress on bringing some life back into this shack. The good thing about building your own house means you have a lot of lumber left over. I replaced the floor joists and added some 16' 4x6 skids. Even added some 4x4 "joists" simply because I had them left over from building a fence. I could literally park a truck on this thing and it wouldn't move. I replaced the rotted studs. Replaced some of the plywood flooring and added another layer of subfloor. Ripped off the aluminum siding and replaced it with a good OSB coated and primed siding. You may notice that the old windows are gone and a new one has been placed in the end.
  12. Start Date Aug 17, 2018 The "Shack" truly lived up to its name... After I had the building moved to my place I got to inspect it a lot more closely and I started to reconsider said plan: The aluminum siding was paper thin and had several holes. The base had severe rot and termite damage. Several of the studs needed to be replaced. In fact the entire front wall had to be reframed.
  13. So I posted some of the progress pics of this on the BRK FB page and have been asked to add a build thread on the forum. A lot of this will be copied directly from my R2R thread. Hope you enjoy. So a little background: The wife and I purchased some land (9 acres) as a future site of our "forever home". The land had two access points from the street, so we subdivided one access point into a lot and built a small home to live in while we pay off the land and save for the construction of the new home. We're on a 5 year plan, but we'll see how that goes. Kids have a way of changing things LOL!!! Our house is a cozy, but comfortable, sized 3B 2B, but it lacks any "extra" space and, if we add a second kid to the mix, my tank is getting the boot from where is sits now... My father in law had a 8x16 portable storage building that he wasn't using and asked if I wanted it... And with that a plan was hatched!