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  1. Interested in live stock, if you want to part it out. Let me know.
  2. I would love to take your 120, but at this point this is just me planning for sometime down the road. I don't think the floor would hold on the 3rd floor of this apartment.
  3. So, I have been toying with this idea, you probably know the one; New Tank and gear. I am not happy with how my tank came out, I know it's my first but the more I look at it the more I want to change it. I once thought I would like something more in the line of a 120 or 90 but I think I am getting ahead of myself a bit. I am now thinking more on the lines of going to a 40b or a 75. I like the 75g idea better than the 40b but the 40b is such a popular tank and people do so much with them. So, with that being said, if you were in my shoes and had the choice what would you go with and why? I would also like to ask you all if you would go with a standard say Petco tank or would you order a tank? I would like a RR, single center or dual overflows, unsure on that one as well for now. I have done the Glassholes thing and while it does it's job well, I would just rather have the reef ready tank. What type of lighting would you go with? LEDs, Halide/T5 combo, or straight T5s? And what skimmer would you put on the system? I know this will come up so I will say this, I plan on a mixed reef, some soft corals, a couple different easier SPS and some of my favorite LPS. Also, I am not going to break the bank when I do this, so high end would be nice, but lets stay with a budget build mindset. Don't be shy, gimmie all the feedback you can stand to give, I am looking for suggestions I want to do this thing right.
  4. JamesB

    WTB some frags

    Looking for some LPS, maybe some leather. I am needing some color in the tank. Let me know what ya got. Looking for: Welso, favia, acans, blasto, chalice.....not stuck to only those corals, will look at what ya got.