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  1. Preferably the Smart ATO micro or the Aqua Duetto Dual Sensor.
  2. Toadstool leather- about 8” across or more when fully open- $40 OBO Green leather (not sure name)- $40 OBO have a few smaller pieces about 2” across as well. Red Monti frags- $10-$20 depending on size. Pulsing Xenia for $10/ piece. Liverock=$2/lb or I can make a deal if you take most of them. New orleans- lake view pick up
  3. Bought this a while back when first set up my tank. Got it running for about a week or two. Upgraded to another one when this just broke in. So, this is almost like brand new with all parts that come with it. This can be set up as an in-sump or HOB.
  4. KHN

    Misc. Items FS.

    I'm breaking down my 90 gallons (5' long tank)- dimensions are 60"L x 18" W x 191/4" H for an upgrade. A) Tank and stand: $400 OBO. Tank is dark red cherry, not drilled or painted. Been running it using an HOB overflow box. Right side of stand pane has a square hole cut out to slide in sump at one point. It was later glued back in. the cut is still there but all you need is some wood filler to fill in. 2 Fluval Led marine 48"-60": $40/ each. OBO. come with drivers. had these on top the tank in pic "1". The blue channel has some dead bulbs but still bright. pic "2" is full spectrum. pic "3" is blue channel only.C) 2 HOB Instant Ocean Skimmers: $15/ each. type in amazon for pics.D) 1 Fluval 405- $100 OBO.1 Fluval 406- $150 OBO.All of these are in great working condition. I'm going to sell frags or colonies of red monti soon once I finish transferring things over to my new tank. thinking $10 for small 2" x 2" frags or I can cut bigger pieces for more.