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  1. Yea we put a pool filter sock on the filter to clear it up... it worked! we just put two pieces of live rock today and we ordered dry rock that will come in Friday to finish the aqua scape... went ahead and put 2 clowns and some hermits and snails in there bc I need something to look at. so we should wait about 3-4 weeks before we start adding coral? Im going to bring a water sample in to get tested next week. anything else I am missing? all comments welcome please!!
  2. Thanks! I figured it was all the minerals but they said it should be ready for fish in 48 hours but there’s no way
  3. Also any recommendation for rock? Live vs dry? Where is the best place to buy, etc...?
  4. Good morning! I purchased my first bio cube tank yesterday. I put in the sand and water and it has been about 12 hours and it is still extremely cloudy. Is this normal? I used accurasea nsw and caribsea live aragonite reef sand. How long can I expect the tank to be cloudy? Thanks in advance and thanks for creating this community of support. Bennett from Baton Rouge