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  1. I unfortunately will not make it 😤 pretty upset about that. Have some prior engagements that have been planned for quite some time now. I am very interested in going to a show like this. Ive never been to one.
  2. Also deffinately interested in doing some fragging/ selling or trading with anyone that is interested. I am also currently interested in some stylo. Specifically rainbow if anyone has any available.
  3. tank: 75 gallon w/ overflow and sump lighting: ReefBreeders Photon V2 48" protein skimmer: ESHOPPS Axium 120 (been a really great bang for the buck) livestock: sailfin tang, one-spot fox face rabbit fish, pacific blue tang, x2 vanderbilt chromis (working on a few more), Ocellaris clown, coral beauty cleaner shrimp, several hermit crabs, and an wad of snails, true rose bubble tip anemone Coral: softies: captain america palys, mohawk palys, orange zoas, florida ricordea, red mushroom, green toadstool, green star polyp, LPS: branching green/green octo-frogspawn, branching green/purple frogspawn, hollywood stunner chalice intertwined with a blue chalice, green/green torch, purple/green torch, branching toxic bicolor green/purple hammer, duncan, alien eye caulastraea, blasto, prism brain favia, SPS: seasons greeting monti cap, setosa monti, green acro, ORA blue ice tort acro, purple planet acro, pink lemonade acro, ORA green birdsnest, red monti cap, bird of paradise birdsnest, red monti digitata, red planet acro, potato chip pavona, rainbow encrusting monti, aussie highlighter acro, pink birdsnest
  4. New to the forum, but second reef tank build. This is my 75 gallon build (started 2/2018) only a year in and alot has happened. Looking to Hopefully to get a different perspective and some ins and outs on reef keeping from yall. 2AC5EC99-158E-4D31-9F0F-5E6845657EBE.MOV