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  1. PM sent.
  2. PM sent, Grey. I've been in the process of getting everything cleaned, scrubbed, and prettied up for sale. If you want pics of anything in particular, please request them. If you see something you like, make me an offer.
  3. I also have a LOT of dry rock. Probably on the order of 200#, all kinds of sizes and shapes. I'll sell at $2 per pound. Will set it out and snap some pics when I get a chance as well.
  4. PENDING - 55g drum and mag7 water change setup (pictured above) - $60
  5. Sorry, I'm an idiot! Here's the thread: And I was wrong, it's a 20" cube not an 18" cube. 2" free!
  6. Here's the list of everything that I have cataloged thus far. Everything is in working order and will be cleaned up/vinegar bathed prior to sale. There are more odds and ends (salt, chemicals, filter socks, filter media, plumbing fittings, etc.) that I haven't gotten to yet. This is all the big stuff. I am working on getting pictures together. Will post them as I get them done. All prices negotiable. Some are more flexible than others. Feel free to make an offer. 18" cube tank with custom oak stand and canopy, drilled with coast to coast internal overflow, two drains and one return, canopy contains fittings with custom DIY LED fixture (electrical and 0-10v control thru standard Cat5 cables). Build thread on this tank is in my signature so you can see how it all came together. Basically add a sump and you're good to go! $600 40Breeder tank and stand (pictured above) - $100 Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor (pictured above) - $100 PENDING - 55g drum and mag7 water change setup (pictured above) - $60 Finnex Titanium 300w heater - $10 (New - 35) Algae Free Piranha Float - $20 (New - 60) Algae Free Hammerhead Float - $30 (New - 80) BRS dosing pump 1.1mL/min - $40 (New - 70) Neptune Apex System - $500 (New - 1000 - including extras) NOTE - this system includes a base unit with temp probe, TWO EB8s, WXM Wireless Expansion Module, a Display, TWO NEW pH probes, AFS Auto Feeder, and a Trendnet wireless access point. If you don't want all of the goodies, I can part out some stuff. Part out is available on one EB8 - $100, WXM - $80, one pH probe - $20, AFS auto feeder - $75. Neptune Breakout Box with triple float switch setup - $40 (New - 80) I used this with my ATO reservoir. It was connected to a solenoid on my RODI unit that would automatically top off my ATO reservoir. The floats were set for low (turn on RODI), high (turn off RODI), and emergency high (turn off RODI and send me an email+text through the apex). I can package this with the RODI or APEX if you'd like. Vortechs MP10wES - $120 (New - 285 for QD, 50 to upgrade to QD) MP40w - $120 (New - 350 for QD, 120 to upgrade to QD) MP40w - $120 (New - 350 for QD, 120 to upgrade to QD) Tunze Osmolator - $100 (New - 180) Pacific Sun Hyperion S Hybrid T5+LED light fixture - $300 (New - 1000) Works well on 36"-48" tanks Reef Octopus SRO XP-2000 Cone Skimmer - $200 (New - 520) Worked well on 120g with heavy load! Milwaukee Digital Refractometer - $80 (New - 120) BEST REFRACTOMETER ON THE MARKET! BRS High Capacity GFO 1lb - $10 BRS ROX 0.8 Carbon 3lb - $20 Vertex Zeo Reactor - $40 (New - 200) Brightwell Zeo Media - FREE WITH REACTOR BRS 5-Stage RODI with ASOV, dual TDS meter, and glycerin gauge - $150 (New - 240) - will include fresh filters Normally Closed Solenoid works with RODI and auto fill system - $10 (New - 26) Custom ATO Reservoir - $60 (New - 150) NOTE - I will package the reservoir, breakout box with float valves, and NC solenoid. This will turn your RODI topoff into an auto autotopoff. If you have an ATO already then great. If not then I can package the Tunze osmolator as well. Then you will have a completely hands-off ATO system that refills itself (assuming you have a Neptune controller to utilize the breakout box) GEO 612 CaRx, m3 CO2 regulator, and 10# CO2 bottle - $300 (New - 555) Reeflo Super Dart with Cepex Ball Valves - $300 (New - 400+100 for ball valves) - SUPER SILENT and moves a lot of water. Baldor motor on this pump is top notch! Reeflo Dart - $100 (New - 330) This is my backup pump. It needs to be sent off to Reeflo to be reconditioned and upgraded to the Super Dart. If interested, I will work with buyer to get this done. 20"x10"x10" acclimation box - $20 (New - 80?) Gate Valve Manifold - $20 (New - 88) - Maybe somebody will find this useful. Four gate valves in a line used as a manifold setup.
  7. 120 tank, stand, canopy, and sump sold. I'll get everything else cleaned up and post pics and prices asap.
  8. 120 tank, stand, canopy, and sump pending. If the deal works out then I'll part out everything else. Will post pics and prices on everything if we go that route.
  9. And I'm sure I've got a tank that would work for a sump under the 40 if you need that too.
  10. Here's the 40Br tank and stand. It's drilled for a standpipe and return. I intended to use for QT. It's never had meds in the tank. $100 and I'll throw in the koralia powerheads and titanium heater.
  11. Water change setup is a 55g plastic drum (on wheeled platform to roll it around) and a mag7 pump on a pvc manifold setup. Basically drop the pump setup into the drum, fill with water and salt, leave it to mix, then wheel it over to your tank to pump the water in. All you do is turn a couple valves to go from recycle (mixing) to discharge into your tank. Makes a 50g water change super easy. How's $60?
  12. I've got a fully loaded 120g setup for sale. Check out my thread.
  13. The geo612 needs to stay with the setup unless I get interest in the setup without it. The other CaRx is a reef octopus. I don't see any model specific info on it. I've got a regulator and solenoid with it. How's $100?
  14. Bump. Prices are negotiable. Make me an offer, you never know what could happen.