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  1. Jaytizzle

    Wi-Fi PTZ Cameras

    I've used the Foscam IP cameras for a couple of years now. They work well but are not all that durable. After about 18 months they start failing and need to be replaced. I'd imagine all of the sub $100 options are going to be of similar quality.
  2. Jaytizzle

    pH control with O2

    Why are you chasing pH? That's never a good idea. If you want to do anything, run some tubing for your skimmer air intake to a fresher air area.
  3. Jaytizzle

    Wi-Fi PTZ Cameras

    One of the speakers at macna mentioned a camera he really liked. I can't remember who it was or what it was though. So I'm not very helpful. Lol
  4. Jaytizzle

    ISO:20-30g aio setup

    Already sold, sorry.
  5. Jaytizzle

    What size plumbing to use?

    Two bulkheads for drain. One for return. Three holes total in the tank. You can tie the drains together farther down the plumbing. But at the tank you want two in case one clogs for some stupid reason.
  6. Jaytizzle

    What size plumbing to use?

    I'd do 1" return, 1.25" drain. And do two drain lines if you're doing it yourself. Redundancy is ALWAYS good on a drain in case one gets clogged.
  7. Jaytizzle

    What size plumbing to use?

    Is the tank drilled? If so, what size plumbing will the bulkhead accept? for return plumbing, you just go with whatever the outlet of the pump is. White PVC from the hardware store is standard and works fine. Colored pvc is expensive and unnecessary unless you want to be fancy and have money to burn.
  8. Jaytizzle

    All-In-One Aquarium?

    You know you're insane, right?
  9. Jaytizzle

    Acrylic tank

    For a tank that small, I'd highly consider DIY. If you've got the tools you can make acrylic work very easy.
  10. Jaytizzle

    Has anyone ever sold a car at auction?

    I've got a consultant/friend who just sold his old junk truck at auction. If you're interested, shoot me a PM and I'll introduce you.
  11. Jaytizzle

    Filtration question for sump..

    Because filter socks or just vacuuming out the funky stuff work much better.
  12. Jaytizzle

    Filtration question for sump..

    You don't need rock media in your sump. It is only going to collect detritus and end up as a nasty mess. Keep the rock in your display. If you must have something in your sump, chaeto seems to work well enough for most folks. I've never put any kind of macro in a sump.
  13. List update below. Down to the last bit of stuff. I may find more odds and ends that I add now that I've got a bit more room in the storage space. Updated as of 7/24! All prices negotiable. Some are more flexible than others. Feel free to make an offer. Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor (pictured above) - $80 NOTE - includes Milwaukee pH controller Neptune Apex AFS Auto Feeder - $75 Vortechs PENDING - MP40w - $120 (New - 350 for QD, 120 to upgrade to QD) MP40w - $100 (New - 350 for QD, 120 to upgrade to QD) - NOTE this requires a QD upgrade due to a driver issue with this pump. Pacific Sun Hyperion S Hybrid T5+LED light fixture - $250 (New - 1000) Works well on 36"-48" tanks Reef Octopus SRO XP-2000 Cone Skimmer - $200 (New - 520) Worked well on 120g with heavy load! PENDING - Milwaukee Digital Refractometer - $80 (New - 120) BEST REFRACTOMETER ON THE MARKET! BRS High Capacity GFO 1lb - $10 Vertex Zeo Reactor - $40 (New - 200) - Could be used for other media as well Brightwell Zeo Media - FREE WITH REACTOR Reeflo Super Dart with Cepex Ball Valves - $260 (New - 400+100 for ball valves) - SUPER SILENT and moves a lot of water. Baldor motor on this pump is top notch! Reeflo Dart - $100 (New - 330) This is my backup pump. It needs to be sent off to Reeflo to be reconditioned and upgraded to the Super Dart. If interested, I will work with buyer to get this done. Gate Valve Manifold - $20 (New - 88) - Maybe somebody will find this useful. Four gate valves in a line used as a manifold setup. There's also lots of dry rock. Mixed pieces and sizes. Some of it is BRK Pukani, some of it is Tonga Branch, and other kinds mixed in. Probably 200+#. I will let you cherry pick at $2 per pound dry weight. BRS Biopellet reactor - $30 (New - $50) - Brand new, never used, still in original packing Vertex media reactor - $60 - 2L, I believe.
  14. Negative, drum and mag7 are gone.