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  1. Ayo

    Ayo's 120 BB Planet

    I will eventually add an Apex system but for now I rigged my MP40 and Radion Power blocks to back off the stand. They are just Velcroed so if I have to move them it can be done fairly easily. I hope this works to save Room for my Apex in my stand.... Let me know what you guys think about this. I love a clean look.
  2. Ayo

    Ayo's 120 BB Planet

    After doing some research I realized chaetomorpha grows best with a red a blue spectrum. So I added the grow light to my sump. Apparently it's best to run a light opposit your display cycle for best results..it looks cool too:))
  3. Ayo

    Ayo's 120 BB Planet

    I chose to go with dry Reef Saver rock.. Its cost effectiveness plus I love the way looks. My next project is to aqua scape. Also set up a BRS RO/DI. After talking to my city water company, I found out that they treat our water with chloramines. So of course i got a 5 stage with 3 carbon blocks.
  4. Ayo

    Ayo's 120 BB Planet

    A buddy hooked me up with a trigger ruby 39 which I love! Fits on are made my stand perfectly with lots of Room for gear Also got my self a Bubble Magus 7 with Sicce 600 pump:))
  5. Ayo

    Ayo's 120 BB Planet

    For my lighting I went with Radion XR15 G4 pros. I plan to have a total of 3 but I'm starting with 2. I like the XR15 because I can spread them out.
  6. Well the reefing bug bit me once again and I'm building a 120g Planet Aquarium Cristeline. She started off blue and the wife said "Absolutely NOT" So like a good hubby I agreed and painted it white;) So much has changed in the 10 years that I've been with out a tank. First major component is light. No more MH /t5s. Now we have Beautiful controllable LED. I love the fact that they produce NO heat! Not having to buy a chiller makes me happy. Here are a few pic of my progress so far. PLEASE, I would love to know what you guys think...Good and bad.
  7. Hey guys. About 10 years ago I was forced to leave the hobby due to personal reasons...The dirty D word got me. But now I'm back with full force. I'm building a 120 gallon planet aquarium Crystaline! Barebottom SPS tank is what I'm going for, so I'm sure I will have tons of questions and need lots of help from you guys. Many thank in advance!! Ayo