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  1. This tank make me want to start over☹️ The tank looks like my Planet...They are very nice tanks but the overflows are way to big, I just didn't have enough guts to tanke mime out. Alos GREAT job on the scaping and stand!! The tank looks amazing!!!
  2. Added the first corals yesterday and they made it through the night:))
  3. Qt tank with out newest family member;))
  4. So ive been chugging along with this build, Added a g4xr30, Tunze ATO...and a classic Apex. The tank is about 8 weeks old at this point and has finished cycling. I have added Trochus snails an Emerald crab and a hand full of hermits. Also got some Chaeto and tigger pods to the sump.
  5. I followed directions to the T....bringing my ammonia levels up to 3-4 ppm then adding bacteria . I made sure to put in double the amount of bacteria due to the fact that the bottle says tank can be dosed up to 5 times the amount. My ammonia levels were back to 0 within A-day and a 1/2 but my nitrite levels went below 5ppm and have stayed consistently that level for 7 days now... Any suggestions on what I should do? I was under the impression that my nitrate should creep back to 0 within a few days then convert to nitrates. I still have plenty of the Turbo Start and Ammonium chloride. Should I add more or let it run its corse?? Thanks Ayo
  6. Thanks Greg. Sometimes life Doesn't always turn out like you plan. The key is to get backup and fight stronger!
  7. Ayo

    Looking for chaeto

    Looking for chato in the Baton Rouge, Gonzales, Prairieville area. Feel free to text me if anyone has some available. Thanks Bryan 225 747 5033