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  1. I have been keeping zoa and LPS in my pico reef and am looking for a coral with a branching look to sit on top of my live rock. I have read that Montipora Digitata has the look I am going for and is fairly forgiving for anyone new to sps. My tank (4 gallon cube) is lit by a kessil a80. Will my light be sufficient for growing this coral? Any advice or opinions are certainly appreciated.
  2. Thank you Fred. Pleasure meeting you. Hope the frags thrive in your care.
  3. Sounds good. I’ll call you when I am leaving my house.
  4. They are not spoken for. I will be heading to prairieville afternoon if you want to meet up somewhere.
  5. I am trying to get ride of some frags that I have in my tank that no longer fit the vision of how I want the tank to look. I have: 1 medium size zoa frag (pic taken right as lights came on so not fully open) 1 branching hammer coral, currently with 2 heads. (Not pictures cause it is tucked behind live rock to prevent continued stinging of its neighbors) 2 acan frags with 2 heads each All are in good health. Asking $50 for all of them. I live in Paulina which is between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.