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  1. Tino Tinez

    Frags for sale

    Thank you Fred. Pleasure meeting you. Hope the frags thrive in your care.
  2. Tino Tinez

    Frags for sale

    Sounds good. I’ll call you when I am leaving my house.
  3. Tino Tinez

    Frags for sale

    They are not spoken for. I will be heading to prairieville afternoon if you want to meet up somewhere.
  4. Tino Tinez

    Frags for sale

    I am trying to get ride of some frags that I have in my tank that no longer fit the vision of how I want the tank to look. I have: 1 medium size zoa frag (pic taken right as lights came on so not fully open) 1 branching hammer coral, currently with 2 heads. (Not pictures cause it is tucked behind live rock to prevent continued stinging of its neighbors) 2 acan frags with 2 heads each All are in good health. Asking $50 for all of them. I live in Paulina which is between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.