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  1. I am about 30-40 minutes from Kenner and can meet around LaPlace one evening.
  2. Looking to clear some things out Bubble Gum Digi frags $40/ea (3 available) ultra discosoma $30 for a baby Large green rhodactis $30 green hammer $20 orange setosa $25 “Teal colored” marbled discosoma $20/ea
  3. Slightly used bubble magus curve 7 elite. Used so I cannot return. Got this to replace a skimmer I moved to another system and where it goes I cannot get the water level high enough to skim the way I want it too. Recommended depth is 9-11”. Works in 7.5” but the dwell time is really long and produces a very dry skim. $250.00
  4. Changed out a hydor return pump (warranty) installed a second doser for acropower
  5. Caught mine using a water bottle with fishing string tied to it. Dropped it to the sand bed with food inside. When he went in I pulled up and out the tank. Pretty sure he tried the Nemo swim down tactic but it didn’t work 😉
  6. Got the tank filled last night, finished up the wire management some more and got the scape the way I like it. now the wait begins. what is your favorite way to cycle a new tank?
  7. So I decided I wanted to put a tank in my lobby at the office, and what perfect timing with the gallon sale going on at Petco. I started piecing stuff together starting with the tank, then found myself switching from a HOB overflow to drilling. Keep in mind I’ve never drilled glass before and who knew, with a little patience it’s pretty easy. I chose to utilize 2- 1.5” bulkheads, one for the main drain and 1 for an emergency ( cannot be having no floods in the office!) So here are the parts for the build I chose to go with everything DIY was done by me: Aqueon 40B DIY 20G high sump (glass baffles) w/refuge Reef Creators 1000gph low profile overflow DIY Stand 2- AI Prime HD’s Bubble Magus Curve 5 Jager 150w heater IM Mighty Jet 538Gph return 2- Jebao OW-10 wavemakers AutoAqua SMART ATO micro Spent the last two days finishing up the stand and planning out the plumbing, installing surge protectors and pump controllers etc. Got it knocked out. Will be adding the rock back this week and filling the sucker up! I will be using fritz turbo bacteria to help aid in the cycle. I’m going to be running a thin sand bed so far, Fuji pink but I may add in some black also. My plans for this tank are the pretty much the opposite of my larger tank which is 96% SPS and Zoas. This tank will focus on LPS; such as hammers, leathers, plate coral and mushrooms etc. Anyways enough talk here are some photos.
  8. Several things to update. I changed the hanging arms I built to L-brackets off the wall. I picked up some fire sticks from RAP Chicago I mapped out my par using an Apogee par meter using their 1.12 correction factor only for the LED’s. I’ll post a brief par map of coral placement readings. I haven’t finished the spreadsheet yet for the full tank map of t5’s only. I’m still running 48” -4bulb (b+,b+,c+c+) And two lumen bars. I’ve been seeing good growth (for a new tank) and great color so far. Enough talking, here are some pics.
  9. Price to also include the stand and extra pair of filter socks. Sand can remain also if needed.
  10. I’m I figured the odds of a trade were slim. I’m currently building a 40b setup now. I drilled it the other day and built the sump. I hope the 75 goes good though man!
  11. No, would have to come up with more than that.
  12. There are two mounted. Only the one mentioned is available for purchase.
  13. Comes with 4 bulbs. 7 months old. Good for another 5-6 months minimum. Also avaiable for purchase mounted in it, is a 48” LED Lumenbar in their high octane UV blend. $300 for the fixture with bulbs (x2 b+,c+,p+) $120 for the lumenbar (4 months old) Take both for $400 fixture works great and has been successfully growing frags. Just changing my lighting up.