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  1. saltwatersoul

    Ecotech Radion XR15s and Light Gear For Sale

    interested, pm sent
  2. saltwatersoul

    Ecotech Equipment and misc. for sale in Lafayette

    It worked the last time the power went out, however I can not make any promises when dealing with a battery.
  3. Ecotech mp10wQD - $225 Ecotech battery back up - $40 Ecotech Reeflink - $70 Ecotech Radion xr15 with RMS mount - $300 Corals Down South $50 gift certificate - $40 Rubble zone 2/3 full - $10 Everything is is excellent condition with boxes. Will ship at buyers expense. More pics to follow.
  4. saltwatersoul

    LF Oregon tort

    wow, very nice love the growth pattern
  5. saltwatersoul

    LF Oregon tort

    Sounds good Zack. Let me know when you wanna ride by. I am right there in Scott and have other pieces available too.
  6. saltwatersoul

    LF Oregon tort

    Yes. I offered him $65 and he said sure. I purchased two other pieces from him so he was fine with it. It is almost 2" with a purplish base and dark velvet blue tips. Thick chunky frag. Have it in bright light and good flow.
  7. saltwatersoul

    LF Oregon tort

  8. saltwatersoul

    LF Oregon tort

    I bought the last one from Harry's Frags at Fragniappe. Paid $65. Will take $70.
  9. saltwatersoul

    Sexy shrimp for sale

    interested, text message sent
  10. saltwatersoul

    Synergy SMR-1000 Media Reactor- SOLD

    chemi-pure blue is awesome!
  11. saltwatersoul

    90 gallon part out in Lafayette

    Tank has been sold and delivered yesterday. All equipment gone. Thanks everyone, and please lock it up.
  12. saltwatersoul

    90 gallon part out in Lafayette

    whole set up is pending
  13. saltwatersoul

    90 gallon part out in Lafayette

    Trigger sump, heater, and mag pump - sold canopy, tank, stand, and trickle sump - available; pm me with an offer
  14. saltwatersoul

    90 gallon part out in Lafayette

    heater and mag pump sold everything else is available
  15. saltwatersoul

    90 gallon part out in Lafayette

    Yes sir, sure do. want to spend more time on it.