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  1. I have a few beginners sps I'm bringing down with some hydnopora frags
  2. @Coastie Reefer amazing how much work you got done in 5 hours! LOL. Beautiful build. I have a feeling there might be a few more updates on the way!
  3. Also very quick! Think I'll start using this with plastics.
  4. Looking to add to a 8 bulb t5. I'll have to google that model
  5. Title says it all. I will be down on the 31st for the meet. Sb bars, reefbrite or orphek. Let me know what's available. Thanks
  6. I had to stop by and check her out myself! Shes beautiful!
  7. Friendly reminder, don't tell anyone your cooking rock when purchasing the baking soda..
  8. I will never use vinegar again 20190819_111938.mp4
  9. Of course and a fireman helmet
  10. First time playing around with muriatic acid...