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  1. jwatson

    Free cheato

    Are you going to the meet up Sunday?
  2. Reefcoral had some last week for around $60
  3. Location is Denham Springs.. message me @ 225.283.4592 for pics/prices
  4. As I said in a previous post, my juvi Sailfin needs a better home..The lemonpeel has snapped but he is unfortunately the favorite looking of the two..He is now eating everything (frogspawn, duncans) and again, he stays.... Looking for someone who wants all or some of this deal..Would rather trade for GSP/Kenya/Kenya/Leather, those types of things as he has no interest and at least the tank will have some growth.. IMG_20190925_202410.dng IMG_20190928_152348.dng IMG_20190925_202410.dng IMG_20190928_152348.dng
  5. that new pics ? Those have really come along if so
  6. Reefcoral and aquahut are where I'd start..i find there prices on par with what scavengers here want
  7. jwatson

    Sailfin Tang

    Small Sailfin for sale...Angel couldn't let him have his own space Denham/BR area
  8. Had a coral beauty for years and he's never even come near the top except at feeding time
  9. Location? Interested in the rocks/sand
  10. Interested in the plates...not in the drive from BR, lol
  11. jwatson

    Carpet Anemone

    Looking for a carpet.. preferably smallish, color not too important
  12. where are you getting the water that you keep putting in ?