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  1. Sorry for not replying sooner works been hell. I found some. Really appreciate the offer though
  2. Im.looking for some chaeto for my son's biocube. Making the center section a fuge. Thanks ahead of time
  3. Hard to say. Honestly, ive always wanted a tank full of Duncans and hammers (my 2 favorites). I know some of the hard corals are the more popular, but i like the movement and flow of softies. And i love coral beauty angels, but I am waiting to get me a screen cover before I get one
  4. A quick video of my 50gl reef. Downsized from a 125 to a 50. Work amd family issues made it hard to keep up with the big tank. I was able to do alot more with this sized tank. My little reefs coming along nicely 20191020_111919.mp4
  5. Added a 2nd kessil, added a couple purple hammer frags, few zoas, mixing water tomorrownforna change amd clean out the skimmer
  6. I definitly plan on coming get it.
  7. Any good sized pieces of red monti left?