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  1. Elongated dottyback

  2. Elongated dottyback

  3. Elongated dottyback

    Have to retank my elongated dottyback. He is picking on my opossum wrasse. He is about an inch or so long. Would love to trade for any frags you having lying around. Located in st. Bernard parish. Sorry for the bad pic but can't get a good on.
  4. Well if you find some let me know!
  5. Going to the Pensacola area in a couple of weeks and wanted to know if anyone knew of any cool fish stores along the way? I would love to come home with a new addition or just check out some cool stuff!
  6. led dimming help

    O and as far as the moon lights I was originally gonna set up a new circuit of moon lights but to do that I would need another driver and only want to run a few I think for the rapid led drivers you have to run atleast 10? Just thinking there might be a good easy way to do this.
  7. led dimming help

    Yes I have the ELN-60-48P drivers. I guess the easiest way would be to get another controller and have them come on at the same time and just run one on 8 hours and one on 10 just didn't want to shell out the cash for another controller
  8. led dimming help

    Here is what I got: biocube 29 with rapid led upgrade two disable drivers (one for white and 1 for blue) and a DDC-01 PWM Controller. Here is what I want to do: figure a way to have my whites dim about an hour or two before my blues. Is there any way to do this with the equipment I have or what parts would I need to accomplish this. Side note: I'm also looking to get a simple strip of moon lights to run at night. Any recommendations? Something fairly cheap that I can just glue or screw into the hood and plug in. Thanks.
  9. Fish Problems Please Help

    Thanks for the advice. Any other fish stocking ideas?
  10. Fish Problems Please Help

  11. Fish Problems Please Help

    Thanks everyone. Any more stocking suggestions would be very helpful!
  12. Fish Problems Please Help

    It was wild caught. Didn't know that it was a big deal for cardinals at the time after research I realised that I should have got cb and if you think one would do nicely on its own in my tank I might try another one. I feed frozen cubes, cyclopeze, flakes and pellets not all at once but I try to mix it up. My fire fish and randals goby are fat and healthy. I'm mostly confused about the blenny and two spot goby? If you think they were just bad fish choices on my part what fish would you recommend? I'm willing to try anything.
  13. Fish Problems Please Help

    Every day. It's in the living room and my wife and I stare at it all the time.
  14. Fish Problems Please Help

    No help?
  15. Fish Problems Please Help

    Hi all. I have a 29 gallon biocube with a cpr sr3 skimmer and have been running the tank since November of this year. The salt is 1.024 ammonia and nitrites are 0 and nitrates range between 0 and 10 (i do a water change when they get around 10) right now they are at 5. Ph is 8.4. I started out the tank with inverts (snails, hermits) and while at a local fish store the owner talked me into getting a tailspot blenny. I knew I wasn't ready for a fish but he said it would be fine and of course he died. After finding a new lfs to start going to i got a purple fire fish and a randal's goby. They are both doing fine along with many inverts including a pistol shrimp, 3 sexy shrimp, a pom pom crab, porcelain crab, and a tux urchin. I then added a bangi cardinal who died after about a week. After that I got another tailspot blenny who did great for about a month and a half and then mysteriously disappeared. Within that time I got a two spot goby who seemed to be doing great until this morning I found him dead being eaten by all of my inverts. What am I doing wrong? I really want some more fish for the tank but they keep dieing. Any thought on this would be very helpful. Also i have multiple soft corals which are all doing fine. I don't get it?