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  1. Herb

    125 Gallon Setup

    On the Westbank in marrero
  2. Herb

    125 Gallon Setup

    Looking to sell my 125 Gallon setup, most equipment only 3 months old , here’s a list of everything I have with it 125 gallon with custom stand, Eshopps Overflow(3 months old), Trigger 36 sump (3 months old), Jabeo 15000 return pump(3 months old), 4 stage BRS 100GPD rodi system with garbage cans and mixing pump , 500w heater, wave maker, cheap grow light for refug, 100-120lbs of love rock and sand , and any extra stuff I have laying around .. I have a 20 gallon tank and misc stuff laying around and also 2 clown fish Asking $900 obo. Just don’t have time to finish it the way I wanted. Thanks.