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  1. Willing to sell the blood shrimp separate? What corals are in there?
  2. Location? Price for frogspawn?
  3. Mikehag

    Zoa frags $10

    Zoa frags $10. Purple monster zoas, green zoas. Can meet in mandeville, metairie, or kenner
  4. I would love a frag of it. I work in mandeville. PM me and we can figure out a time to meet
  5. Mikehag

    75 gal reef

    What fish and coral do you have in there? Willing to sell those seperate?
  6. Sorry just saw you are in new Iberia. I am in kenner. That'd be a heck of a drive. Beautiful frags though man
  7. Is that hammer frag purple? If so, I would love one. Location?
  8. This looks absolutely incredible. Job well done. I cant imagine the sense of accomplishment you'll have once this is up and running!
  9. Willing to part out the frags?
  10. Mikehag

    ISO IM NUVO 14

    ISO Innovative Marine Nuvo 14 setup or similar sized AIO setups