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  1. Mikehag

    $10 zoa frags

    #1 is sold. 2-5 available
  2. I can frag you some $10 zoas, but no free coral here.
  3. Mikehag

    $10 zoa frags

    Located in metairie/kenner and I am in mandeville 5 days/week
  4. Mikehag

    40G AIO

    What are the dimensions if the tank? What brand is it and how old is it?
  5. Mikehag


    If you plan on coming near new orleans anytime soon. I have plenty of zoas I can frag for you
  6. Looking for a cube anywhere in the 40-50 gallon range drilled and ready for hookup for a sump (already have sump)
  7. Is it wireless quiet drive? Also, how old is it?
  8. No thanks, I've got one in my tank currently.
  9. Willing to trade for an MP10WQD plus some coral or cash
  10. 2 maxspect gyre xf130's and xf230 controller in working condition $280 OBO. Live in matairie/kenner and work in mandeville. Willing to trade for green torch/gold torch (dragonsoul ect.) and cash combo.
  11. That's okay, thanks though!
  12. Let me know if you plan on being in the kenner or mandeville areas anytime soon and if love a frag if it
  13. Will you be in the kenner or mandeville area anytime soon?