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  1. Think about taking the tank offline. Wife wants to move in the next year and I see no point in adding stuff then turning around and selling the live stock.
  2. Is it sectioned off or does it over flow into the other side? Also price and more info please
  3. Thanks! We do aswell! Side note ammonia is still 1.5ppm. going to see if epic will test it for me aswell. Another side note... About to slowly start on my business but 🤫🤫
  4. Fuge light is in. Just a par 38 bulb from Amazon.
  5. Saltforbrains


    Looking for any AIO'S, so if you have one laying around let me know. The Freer the better
  6. Ammonia is slowly going down. I'm starting to wonder if I have enough surface area for the bacteria... Trying not to over think this.
  7. I emailed Dr.Tim and talked to him and he said the highest heat the bacteria can withstand is 130-140° so even with our wonderful Louisiana heat the bacteria can still survive. I picked up some Bio spira (spelling) And added it to the tank to see if it would help any. I also ordered some Marine pure to put in the sump. Only reason I got those is because the wife got a bunny yesterday 😂
  8. Update on the driver for the S2 return pump. It works haha. I didn't know you had to put in the WiFi chip so was running it for a few days with out it in and wondering why my W light wasn't on... They even let me keep my old driver which is nice! Ammonia is still around 1.5PPM. I'm honestly thinking that the bottle of bacteria I ordered got ruined in Louisiana heat. So going to call Epic and see if they have any and if not call the other 2 LFS here (puke) and see if they have any.
  9. Anyone have any plumbing parts laying around? Like bulk heads and ummm Wanting to plumb in my stock ATO as a fuge.
  10. I know this is a long shot but I'm looking for my old 75 gallon system that I "started with". I know the guy is from down south and he set it up in a school (?)
  11. +1 on live feed plus a mic so we can talk to ya at the same time 🤣
  12. I used Dr.Tims one and only and my ammonia is still around 1.5ppm after 7 days
  13. Bump, price dropped to $70
  14. See I had to say something about the ATO... It's on the fritz now 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I do want to plumb in the stock ATO and make it a fuge... Anyone wanna help?
  15. She's chugging along. Ammonia is still high, but since I'm BB I figured that's what it is.So waiting for that to finish before I add in a tang... Idk what's going to come first the tang (yellow eye kole, my LFS is having a hard time finding them.) or the ammonia to drop 🤣. Rodi is working really well, skimmer has a mind of its own and drops the water level inside of the skimmer so in turn I have to adjust it which then my ATO kicks on and dumps fresh rodi water into the sump (I have to learn to turn it off before messing with the skimmer) Heater is working really well with the ink bird controller tho I have it in Fahrenheit so it drops 1° before it turns on. My two RODI flood Guardians are worth their weight in gold and then some! There's more small things I want to order but have been told no 🤣
  16. Maybe I can talk the wife into going to this one