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  1. 10 hours ago, ericd000 said:


    Good to know that on the temps.  I'd read (curse you internet!!!!) that wasn't the case, but possibly that's specific to the strains that Dr Tim's uses.  


    I ended up cycling with Turbo Start from Fritz because I'd wasted come money on ordering Dr Tim's too early for my build... twice, and I was able to get the Turbo Start on short notice locally :P


    Ammonia is slowly going down. 

    I'm starting to wonder if I have enough surface area for the bacteria... Trying not to over think this. 

  2. 2 hours ago, ericd000 said:

    Typically I think you want it to be between 1-2ppm ammonia for fishless cycling with most bacteria in a bottle. Any higher than that, you are wasting money, as the bioload won't sustain the bacteria colonies and may lead to a collapse as you slowly add fish, and trigger a mini-cycle, stressing stuff out further.  

    I think you are good on this one, so long as you are patient with the cycle.  Adding more ammonia now might just prolong it.

    Are you testing Nitrites/Nitrates to see if the ammonia is being converted?


    Amazon or BRS for Dr. Tim's Ammonium Chloride if you need it for cycling a tank down the road. 


    Some people claim they were ready for fish in a week with Dr Tim's and other products.  It took me about 3 weeks before I was sure my nitrites/nitrates were in line, but I had over 500 gallons of water and nearly 300lbs of rock with 200lbs of sand.  



    I emailed Dr.Tim and talked to him and he said the highest heat the bacteria can withstand is 130-140° so even with our wonderful Louisiana heat the bacteria can still survive. 


    I picked up some Bio spira (spelling)

    And added it to the tank to see if it would help any. I also ordered some Marine pure to put in the sump. Only reason I got those is because the wife got a bunny yesterday 😂

  3. Update on the driver for the S2 return pump. It works haha. I didn't know you had to put in the WiFi chip so was running it for a few days with out it in and wondering why my W light wasn't on... They even let me keep my old driver which is nice! 


    Ammonia is still around 1.5PPM. I'm honestly thinking that the bottle of bacteria I ordered got ruined in Louisiana heat. So going to call Epic and see if they have any and if not call the other 2 LFS here (puke) and see if they have any. 

  4. 39 minutes ago, Coastie Reefer said:

    My current camera can't do that, as I believe it is app dependent.  Besides, if I did that everyone would see just how bad I am at keeping up on maintenance. 😉

    +1 on live feed plus a mic so we can talk to ya at the same time 🤣

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