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  1. Anybody interested in cuttings from my big photosynthetic sponge colony? Needing to trim bad. Scientific name is Collispongia auris. $25 for a 2.5 to 3 inch piece. The whole colony can be up for grabs as well, just shoot me a PM. I also have a couple other things for sale so I can cut deals. Located in Alexandria, LA Thanks.
  2. Bump. Big beautiful coral! Just too big for my nano. Up for trades as well.
  3. Hello, I've got two COB style lights for sale. First is a Kessil a360we Runs great, no problem with it at all. Needs cleaning I admit, looks used which it is. Ran for about 9 months total. Please look at pictures for condition. Second is an Aquarium System Solutions light. 2 channels w/ white and blue. Runs 70w total and grows everything in a 24 cube but makes a nice complement to the Kessil. Comes with a controller for it. Also comes with a gooseneck of good quality. Will include screws that I used to secure it to my aquarium, they are fairly long so you're best just using them as reference for thread size. Also will include plastic screws if there same thread size that are better used to secure mount. Asking for 300 for both but if interested I will part out. PM me for serious deals and other questions. Open to offers. Will ship, shipping is included in price. Thanks
  4. Have a hammer colony for sale, posted it in the forums. PM if you're interested.
  5. What's up everyone. I have a Hollywood Stunner chalice colony chillin in the back of my tank I am wanting to sell. 3 and a half to 4 inches across, a pretty good sized colony. See the pictures for a good judgement of size. $50 and it's yours. I live in Alexandria Louisiana and I'm willing to travel slightly to meet up. PM if you are interested. Thank you
  6. What's up everybody. I'm wanting to sell my hammer colony, as it's getting kind of big for my biocube. And I'd rather just make room for other coral. I'd like to take offers. But I do feel like I could get at least 100 for it, so if you're willing to do that it's yours. Somewhat willing to trade, like maybe a small frag of something really nice. It's got purple tips and green tentacles, 12 or more heads and is growing on a tile. Very pretty coral and very healthy. I live near Alexandria, Louisiana and I'm willing to drive a little bit to meet up if you can't meet locally. PM if you are interested, we can even add each other on Facebook to make it easier to talk. Thank you. Included pictures show the colony in full and how it looks relative to size with everything else in my tank.