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  1. Josh's 215

    Thanks Greg! I've been taking my time with this tank and it's paid off. I've never been so hands off with a tank yet I've never had this much success. I still plan to add other frags but I really enjoy seeing my large colonies thrive.
  2. Hardware for sale

    PM sent for Dosing pumps
  3. Josh's 215

    I was dosing before manually. I was only doing it every few days or once a week. I tried a dosing pump but it was too hard to dial in so I stayed manual. It was when I wasn't diligent about manual dosing my alk dropped since I stopped dosing at the same time my corals had grown exponentially so it dropped quickly. I'll drop at least 1 dKh per day and need to dose 200ml of 2part alkalinity to maintain stable dKh
  4. Josh's 215

    Here's some neat growth pics: 11/29/15 7/3/16 12/31/16 4/12/15 12/5/15 7/3/16 12/31/16 4/12/15 (small nub top left) 12/5/15 7/3/16 (colony of left) 12/31/16 (fragged since last photo)
  5. Josh's 215

    I suppose it's time for an update. Work got the better of me and by Alk dropped below 5. I wasn't dosing and testing as regularly and noticed some tip burn. Lost one stag colony but luckily I have another identical one. Time to order some 2part dose pumps. My basketball sized hammer colony split under its own weight (the new powerheads gave it a little wobble that didn't help). I ended up selling the larger portion and keeping the smaller one. I bought all new bulbs for the power module and instantly regretted not doing more homework. I watched one of the T5 combo videos and though I would like the look of 4 AquaBlue Specials and 4 Purple Plus. Boy was I wrong. Went to 3 Blue Plus, 2 Actinic, 2 AquaBlue Special, 1 Purple Plus and like it a lot better. I plan to replace the ABs w/ Coral Plus and remove 1 Actinic and add a BP.
  6. Everything is sold. Mods please close.
  7. Whole lot pending sale. Located in Walker, LA. .
  8. Thanks, he was a bad actor as first but has finally chilled out and gets along just fine. . The green zoa rocks are on the back right side in this picture. I just moved them to make some space in the front.
  9. I just posted a couple hammer colonies for sale in a separate thread .
  10. Green & purple branching hammer colonies. Was a larger single colony bigger than a basketball but split under it's own weight. Smaller colony is approx 30 heads and larger colony is well over 60. Selling smaller colony for $100 or larger colony for $200. Will not sell both (my clowns would kill me). When I noticed it had split Smaller Larger underside Larger post split Random purple and green digi frags that broke off larger colonies $5-$15 ea (sm, med, lg). Also have candy cane $5-$15ea (Sm, Med, Lg). Red zoa rock $50 Green zoa rock $50 Green zoa rock $40 (same zoas as above)
  11. Decided to do some house keeping on these fast growing colonies as they start to crowd each other. I have 3 frags from the ORA valida colony shown on the left in the photo below and about 8 frags of the teal stag colony shown in the middle. I have another Stag colony else where and can make additional frags upon request. In general, most anything else in the tank can be fragged so let me know if you see anything else. ORA A. Valida 2 available at 2" - $35ea (1 of 2 SOLD) 1 available at 1.25" - $25 (SOLD) Teal Stag 2 available at 2" multi branch - $35ea 4 available at 1"-1.5" - $20ea (1 of the 5 SOLD) 1 available at 0.5" multi branch - $15 Pics taken with iPhone this morning. I can take better pics with my DSLR upon request. Colonies are between 1 to 2 years old. ORA colony started as 0.5" nub approx 1-1.5 years ago. Stag colony (I have two colonies) were small multi branch frags 1" year ago.
  12. Josh's 215

    They get along just fine. Every now and then the clown tang tries to remind the hippo not to get too friendly but that's it. I certainly don't have plans to add any more but i think it helps they were all introduced within a pretty small window of time and the most aggressive tangs are the smallest while the Vlamingii and Dusumieri and the largest but most docile.
  13. Josh's 215

    Long overdue for an update!
  14. FS: Acro colony

    Where r u located?
  15. Josh's 215

    Absolutely. I've added a handful of frags since I took the photos. It will be SPS dominated but for now I'm adding a frag about every other week or so just taking my time.