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  1. Light and skimmer almost worth the asking price already. Great deal glwts .
  2. Beautiful chalice. How many eyes? Can you post a few more pictures .
  3. Very nice and that was quick. Have you look at Sbreef light? .
  4. Day after grafting, its opening up .
  5. I have to trim a few heads from both of my hammer colonies. I don't know what to do with these heads so i have decided to do a little experiment. Grafting fusing two different colors hammer to see if they develop bicolor color head. I tried to google it, people talk about it, however, see no result. I know this will take a long time go see any outcome. So first off i have these two color green and teal. I will be doing two experimemts. One with the head splited at the mouth and jointed together and the other will be splitted at the base and joined. The skeletons are pretty hard so i use a combination of both bone cutter and razors. After splitting them, i soaked it in diluted iodine for 20 minutes before gluing them together. They slimed up really bad so gluing it takes some patient. The slim and glue works really well to form a coating covering the cut. .
  6. Technically it will fit, however, i dont know how loose it will be. Maybe greater chance of it leaking being that loose. I would go with the 35mm for the 3/4". .
  7. I dont recalll the exact size. I remember there are two different sizes the drain is large 1&1/2 to 2" and the return maybe an inch. .
  8. i have a 45mm diamond drill bit. I think this is for a 1" bulkhead that you can borrow. .
  9. pending .
  10. 30g oceanic cube $50. Pickup in Lafayette .
  11. This is in a dimly lit area of the tank. Im going to add another light source to see if this black sponge receed before taking the rock out and scrub. This ugly black sponge is an encrusting type and its pretty hard scrub off in tank. Only if my corals would grow this fast... .
  12. I second mknightryder paper towel method to find the leak. If anything, a dab of silicone should fix the problem. .
  13. These black sponges are growing and overtaking some rocks. Is there a way to get rid of these without taking the rock out and soaking it in peroxide or vinegar? .
  14. I got a 40g cube and stand that i need to let go for $100. I dont know if it will work for you. Text me if you want to come by to take a look. .
  15. It looks like cyano to me. Rinse off well and give it an iodide dip just make sure no critters are bothering it. I would leave it on a frag rack until you take care of the cyano. .