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  1. So, what about H2O2 and regular green hair Algae or turf algaes?
  2. Not sure about Mr. Pacman, but it looks to be an Acropora carduus
  3. Excellent pic!! Thanks to everyone for participating!
  4. Haha! Glad everyone enjoyed themselves and enjoyed the crawfish. Couldn't have done it without all the help!
  5. I dont understand.. Everything in the tank looks like it's doing well.
  6. May get some from you if you're ever my way
  7. Kirk doesn't sell frags. He sells colonies.
  8. Never really paid much attention to it. Too low/non existent and your colors will likely be pale. Ive always dosed a quality two part and ran chemipure Carbon, with an oversized skimmer. I think it's worked out okay..
  9. Cycle a tank with designed bacteria. I.e, seachem seed, Dr. Tim's one and only, etc. not with fish. Fish shouldnt be added until ammonia is gone. Otherwise, they'll likely die of ammonia burn.
  10. The cirrhilabrus rubeus was putting on a show, flashing his colors.