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  1. pleurothallid

    AI Nano, AI Director, Ecotech battery backup, etc.

    It's the brand new one. I waited 4 months for it to come out and used it with two Vega's and the AI Nano. I believe the Hydra are wireless so it should work with them. The Nano needed a wireless adaptor but even that was controllable by the director.
  2. pleurothallid

    AI Nano, AI Director, Ecotech battery backup, etc.

    All sold EXCEPT: AI Nano (with wireless adaptor) AI Director Willing to accept offers as I prefer to sell locally.
  3. With my tank and livestock and most equipment gone I figured it was simpler to re-list what's left: AI Sol Nano ($225) with wireless adaptor ($50) AI Director ($100) Package deal all for $300 SC-65 skimmer $30 Lowes 800 GPH (?) return pump $20 (free with light) Ecotech Battery Backup (needs new battery, $30), $100. I just had this tested and serviced by Ecotech, it's just way cheaper to buy a new battery elsewhere than pay their price. Take everything here for $400 and I'll include brand new Red Sea test kits, 2-part dosing bottles and salt.
  4. pleurothallid

    Rimless 25 gallon cube, fully loaded

    Thanks Will. Thankfully the schooling will finally be done soon. I look forward to getting a position so I can stop moving soon. All sold except the light: AI Nano Wireless adaptor brand new AI director All for $300
  5. pleurothallid

    Rimless 25 gallon cube, fully loaded

    With great sadness I'm going to have to begin selling off my tank. I'm finishing my PhD now and the post doctoral position I've accepted will mandate I spend much more time abroad than I had planned-- which will be great but now I just can't justify hanging on to my tank like I had planned. I don't know any friends that I'd trust to take care of it for 8+ months while I'm back in the jungle. I downsized my larger tank and cherry picked my favorites for this tank with the hopes I could keep this for the move. I know most people prefer to build your own tank, but I'll give this a shot for a little while before I break things up. I'm pricing it much cheaper as a package, if I break it up I'll be asking very fair prices for the individual components but it'll likely be (total) significantly higher. $1000 for all. I will entertain reasonable best offers, though this is quite a deal already. Equipment: 25 gallon rimless aquarium drilled with a nano con dientes overflow/return kit 7.5 gallon rimless high clarity rimless tank (sump) AI nano LED light with wireless adaptor AI Director Vortech MP-10 WES circulation pump (brand new wet side mount) Tunze nano osmolator (automatic top-off) Stealth heater (not glass) Small protein skimmer Vortech Battery Backup*** Livestock: Captive bred Pseudochromis aldabraensis (neon dottyback) Numerous high end zoanthids/palythoas colonies (Valentines Day Massacre, Red Hornets, Purple Hornets, Blue Hornets, My Clementines, X Men morph, King Midas, Maul's, etc.) SPS large frags (a half dozen varieties) 2 Gorgonians Vida Rock live rock centerpiece (with supplemental live rock) Live sand Dragon's Breath macro algae ***It needs a replacement battery (~$30 for a new one)
  6. pleurothallid

    AI Vega Colors (white body)

    Bump: $375 each, awesome price.
  7. pleurothallid

    AI Vega Colors (white body)

    I tried clicking that link and it's not working for me, neither the link nor the top drop down menu.
  8. pleurothallid

    AI Vega Colors (white body)

    I've been very busy lately and haven't had time to be here much. I took down my larger tank before an imminent move, but I've been keeping my 18" cube cranking along. When I took down the tank I had these lights and took them to Seth at Coral Fever where they're in the original boxes. I thought it would be easier for people to check out the lights and grab some amazing corals. These are still incredibly new and work amazingly. I really need money and will let them go for $425 for one, $800 for the pair. They're at Coral Fever, check them out any time and be sure to support Seth-- he's a great guy with stellar coral.
  9. pleurothallid

    Evolution of RedStickReefer's 10g SPS Bonsai Reef

    Looking very nice Jensen. I like how you're sneaky about the angles you're photographing the rock work so people don't comment on the phallic nature of it as much. All joking aside, I'm always a sucker for some nice zoanthids as well that's about all I'd add. Really glad to see you still liking the macro algae though, I really adore it.
  10. Last time I had a bacon explosion I spent 3 days in vegetable rehabilitation before my body forgave me.
  11. I'm on the fence but some smoked redfish dip could help convince me.
  12. pleurothallid

    Rimless 18" cube project

    Thanks so much guys. I've been absent a lot lately but have kept up working on this here and there. I've been running the skimmer and 2-part dosing, and the ATO has been running but otherwise nothing too fancy. Things look to be growing and doing pretty well. I'm adding a very few last zoanthids and it's on autopilot from now on. I'm eager to turn sticks to mini colonies. I'm also cleaning up the frags on the sand, they should be moved out shortly.
  13. pleurothallid

    Rimless 18" cube project

  14. pleurothallid

    AI Vega Colors (white body)

    As I'm getting closer to finishing my PhD it's become more and more clear that a big move will be too much with all the things I currently have (terrariums/tanks) and I'm also likely going to have to spend a good deal of time back in South America so I have to sell some things off. I'm going to keep my 25 gallon rimless cube, so I'm definitely not getting out of the hobby. I've read a few articles lately about moving tanks and my 400 gallons of terrariums and a 25 gallon marine cube will be hard enough. After this post doc hopefully I'll land that dream job and can buy a house and build a system like many of you have. In any event, I've got my two AI Vega Color lights that I'm going to have to part with. I bought the 'oldest' one in April, the second I got just in July. I planned on hanging on to them for the next build in a few years but it seems silly with a health insurance bill and tuition due in a few weeks. I have the original boxes for them as well for you can do an unboxing video and still save money. I'm asking $875 for the pair, $450 each. I'm hanging on to the director to run the 25 gallon but both of these lights have been operated by it and work wonderfully.
  15. pleurothallid

    Fish, live rock and live sand in New Orleans

    All sold, thanks. I'll list my lights separately.