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  1. I have a mated pair of Akindynos that I need to re-home but not sure if I can catch them until I break down the tank.
  2. Good price on a hard to find species of nem.
  3. Coral looks good in the pics, I'd leave the light as is.
  4. Need to list a price per forum rules.
  5. Any more pics of the tube nem? I'm fairly interested but would like to see a couple more pics showing its color before committing to buy. Think he's in Prairieville.
  6. I ordered 12 and may order some more today. I hate having a multi year supply in the closet but it's such a good deal and "the Blue" is an awesome product.
  7. Thanks, was time for a resupply. Best price I've found is a six pack from Aquacave for 18.33per ETA-- Amazon didn't charge tax, nice
  8. Need to post prices per forum rules.
  9. I'd go two Mp-40s.
  10. No new livestock for me until we move. You're probably going to have to break the rock to get it off. May luck up and be able to pry the foot with a credit card but 9/10 it's going to retract into the rock.
  11. It's likely unrelated physical trauma if it's just one eye.
  12. They're a brooding species. Female rock nems catch the broadcasted male sex cells and brings them into her digestive cavity to fertilize them where they brood. You should be able to see little balls in the foot/column which will later move up to the tentacles and later released. Fish, corals, and filtration will likely take care of most but as it appears in your case, some may survive.
  13. If it was designed for the specific tank being used I would not worry about it.
  14. Keep params as close to perfect as you can and continue feeding vitamin soaked foods. Save your money and quit buying the garlic soaks--- The two links in the first post go into greater detail but the quotes give you the gist of it.
  15. Guess that eye was vital