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  1. Probably the 6105 but really depends on the flow you need. Most of the Tunze are controllable now---
  2. Tunze would be my only other option, but I don't know if I'll ever stray from Ecotechs due to the external power cord. I do think Ecotechs quality control is slipping as they grow though.
  3. It's probably the strip LED. Most of those aren't up to snuff for host nems and why it's pink instead of red. You're going to need to light acclimate it to the Kessil. That's going to be a monster PAR/PUR jump. Not sure if that Kessil is adjustable but if not, use some egg crate, diffuser, screen. or the like to acclimate. Shrinking is likely related to inadequate lighting as the zoax provides energy which aids in digestion. Nem may not be getting all of the nutrients out of its meals. Pink RBTAs, while attractive, are not an example of a healthy BTA. They should always be a dark color. Same goes for the really pretty neon yellow/green GBTAs.
  4. Never heard of them; I'd be amazed if they're still kicking if they don't come tonight. I went the Royal Reefs route for amphipods and was completely satisfied with the product but their communication could use some work. I dump hundreds of amphipods (back into tank) out of my filter sock every time I change them. You are welcome to them if you want but there is a catch. Tank is currently fallow due to Velvet. Jan 12 is the 6 week mark where no Velvet could survive w/o a host.
  5. Post a pic of the algae. Some of the Rhodos are pretty invasive and will out compete the Chloros. Mike are you dosing for the Chaeto? I had a similar issue with my Pax Bellum. Insane growth which stalled out and started getting GHA. The Pax came with some supplements to dose which I hadn't been using. Started dosing, GHA went away and growth went back into overdrive. IIRC, the reactor is so efficient that the chaetos growth strips iron out of the water too quick which stalls growth
  6. That's a crazy amount of pods. I ordered 1/2 that for the 300 and those bastads cover the glass. Same goes with amphipods. Ordered 1000 from RoyalReefs and I dump hundreds out of the socks when changing them.
  7. All of mine are long gone.
  8. Did Mark still own the shop 3-4 years ago? I know he sold it shortly after moving locations but cant remember exactly when. IIRC the new owners reputation was even worse.
  9. Bob Loblaw


    I'm running the 3 Radions over my 96"L x 30W x 24High. I bought four Radions before getting the tank and saw that 3 would work fine and returned the fourth. Light #4 would be have been overkill and unnecessary. I think 2 should do the trick for your tank. Consider electricity usage and heat from the halides and chiller as well.
  10. Never bought any of their artificial rock. Having shopped there for many years when they were the only game in town, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut corners on the rock to make an extra buck. Think that mentality is what ultimately led to their downfall, I'd replace it.
  11. That's going to be a ton of light unless you plan on mounting it pretty high up. Also factor in heat produced.
  12. I'd go with the Fluval out of the two. I have a few SP4s and they're fairly quiet. No experience with the Jebaos but overall not a fan of the brand.
  13. How deep is the tank? 400w can cook corals. I'd likely sell all and start with something else or save them for back up emergency lights.