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  1. Overrun with RBTA

    You can try the ice cube in a ziplock trick but I've never actually seen that work. Less viable option than the powerhead imo. A pump with laminar flow aimed at the crevice where the foot is hidden will work better than a powerhead with turbulent flow. Likely outcome is that it will move to another crevice out of the flows path while you're not looking. Repeat until you can access the base of the foot. I dealt with the same thing in my old 90 and said eff it-- Pulled rock + hammer + screw driver = they're easy to remove. If they have their foot safely secured in a hole you'll never be able to manually remove them w/o breaking the rock or damaging the nem. They can survive pretty some serious damage though.
  2. Giesemann Spectra

    Think I'g gonna give it a try but waiting to see what the Labor Day sales are before ordering.
  3. Giesemann Spectra

    Anybody using this fixture? Spectra Thoughts on it?
  4. Oregon Tort frags for sale

    I do, but I'd turn it into the whitest acro there is quickly.
  5. All-In-One Aquarium?

    Middle of the room??? ETA-- While I think that would be frincking awesome, Chicky would never go for that.
  6. So, I have this going on.

    Considered O3?
  7. Filtration question for sump..

    I use MarinePure blocks and balls in my sumps but after the water has gone through socks.
  8. POTM submission July 2017 (Polyp Corals)

    Wow, the new members bringing the heat¡
  9. Parade of Tanks

    I'll be game once we move and the new tank is up but we don't close till Sept 1.
  10. Sloping sand

    Going to have to work some magic with the powerheads.
  11. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    Looks great! The Emperor is behaving around all those potential snacks?
  12. New Sicce Wi-FI Controllable Pump

    Looking forward to trying this one out, thanks PA!
  13. POTM submission July 2017 (Polyp Corals)

    All of my good polyp pics are on fricking Photobucket
  14. Uploading photos? Don't bother with Photobucket.

    Damn, didn't think about that. I can't imagine how this could work out well for PB.