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  1. Free gsp

    I hear ya, i couldn't make fragniappe this year.
  2. Free gsp

    if youre going to the meet at coral connection this weekend i'd like to get some
  3. POTM November 2017 Poll

    just thinking out loud, its 12/29 and we;re still voting on nov potm?
  4. ISO small gsp and pulsating xenia frags

    i have some xenia you can have, but be warned it will take over your tank, it grows like weeds
  5. Rock for softies

    if you make it down to new orleans i have plenty of xenia, just replace the rock that is covered in it or i can scrape some off the back glass.
  6. Oct 7 Livestock Thread

    you got it
  7. Oct 7 Livestock Thread

    zoa colony has to be over 100 polyps $60, also have frags of theese for $10. they are hearty and grow fast. also have free xenia if anyone wants some, note the xenia will not be attached to anything but hey its free.
  8. free 90

    my 90 blewout a few weeks ago, the bottom glass is cracked and back glass has a huge hole. the front and 2 sides are good, so if you want this for the glass or frame or overflow come and get it. i'll be hauling it to the dump next weekend. you can have the stand too if you want, but be warned it may not be safe to use for fish, would be good if you have a reptile tank or want to use it for firewood.
  9. looking for 30l

  10. looking for 30l

    woke up this morning to my 90 all over the living room floor. managed to save a few fish but i need a tank for them, looking for a 30 long or basicly anything in 36x12 i have a stand
  11. Oct 7 meet at Coral Connection

    i'll be there, if you have never seen the 800 there its amazing
  12. RBTA's for sale PRICE DROP!!!

  13. RBTA's for sale PRICE DROP!!!

    do you ever make it to new orleans? if so i would take one of the large rocks with 10+ on it
  14. ???

    prices are great until you read all the way down, $300 per box in import charges and another 100 or so to get it to you.
  15. Long Hair Green Eye Girl Zaos

    Frag plugs overgrown could probably call them mini colonies. $20 each. I will be at fragniappe. Disclaimer the frag plugs may have some hair algae on them.