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  1. thanks
  2. do you ever make it to new orleans? if so i would take one of the large rocks with 10+ on it
  3. prices are great until you read all the way down, $300 per box in import charges and another 100 or so to get it to you.
  4. Frag plugs overgrown could probably call them mini colonies. $20 each. I will be at fragniappe. Disclaimer the frag plugs may have some hair algae on them.
  5. cant wait to check it out when it opens
  6. i'll show if i ever hear back.
  7. I'll take them if you can hold them until this weekend.
  8. if you will be in metairie this week i'll take the slimer.
  9. ever come to new orleans, if do i would like o get the reactor.
  10. my 171 is cox ultimate.
  11. more power to ya man, i just couldnt do it.
  12. i would move if all i could get is dial up, hell i'd move if i couldnt get at least 30 mbps
  13. to see what speeds you get.
  14. heres the speed i get with cable
  15. its gone please close