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  1. Probly ~30 gallons. I will text ya later.
  2. Didn't think anyone would want it. The center brace was broken two years ago. It was repaired with steel angle and has been repaired with Weldon 16. However some say the tank will never be safe.. I never lost a second sleep over it but it's all up to you. Text an offer.
  3. Mp40 dates. Nov 2011 May 2012 April 2012 Dec 2012 Can't see the dates for the Radions At the moment. Also have ecotech battery backup. Little over a year old.
  4. Decided to get rid of the 250. Gonna start with a smaller tank again. 2 Radions gen 1. 375 each One is 8 months old one is little over a year. 2 Radions gen 2. 425 each. Both are around 6 months. Has Warranty left. 4-mp 40 w es. 275 each. All are a little over a year. Has been well maintained. Have two t5ho Retrofits. One is 36 inch one is 48. Both have new bulbs(6 months). 50 each. Geo 612 calcium reactor. PAcific sun Gauges, solenoid, bottle... 300$ Reef keeper elite 200. Does top off, ph control, temp, etc. Two modules with 4 plugs each. Deltec ap702 skimmer 300. Not sure of age but works great. Prefer text. 601 3one9 8one8four Also interested in trades for ar15 stuff.
  5. Always wanted some of those. And I can keep them alive... I think. Lol Austin let me know when u go that way.
  6. It's one of those mystical Isopods.
  7. Zeo products. Coral snow with other remediation as in removing cyano, lessen feeding etc. If its real bad. Zeozym from zeo products. If the bottles are so expensive I may could sell only what u need to u
  8. Dude I thought about U earlier. (Grim). I put a fish trap in my tank and the first fish in was that sailfin from ur tank. I have caught several except for that dam damsel
  9. The zeo stuff is written down on a calendar. And she has been doing it for me the last couple days. There really is not many combination of words that will keep this quote out of "today on Brk", But lets just say she had been workin that reactor twice a day as it should. Lol. I really need a doser.. K balance and zeostart are daily things.
  10. Holy moly. That makes my wires way so much not so bad. Lol. Not trying to make fun I promise..
  11. Lars tank is really one of the cleanest I have seen.
  12. I am about to go out of town for a while, about 2 weeks, leaving the wife and some friends in care of my tank. Looking over everything. It's so hard to try and plan for everything. At first I was gonna get my wife to continue water changes, but changed my mind on that.. I look at other systems and think what is most important. Alk is high so calc reactor is off. No dosing by dosing pump. I plan on having another skimmer in the sump. The deltec can be hard to deal with so I thought maybe if I put a reef octo down there it would be easier to deal with if the deltc goes crazy.. My OCD brain is in overdrive. Any recommendations?